Eller Family Association

We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

Rabun County, Georgia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARROWOOD, Edna Joyce   I10315 Jacob Eller 
2 BANISTER, Beth Slaton   I8496 Jacob Eller 
3 BERRONG, Audrey Carol   I7671 Jacob Eller 
4 BERRONG, Barbara Ann   I10348 Jacob Eller 
5 BERRONG, Denver William  10 Apr 1945Rabun County, Georgia I7670 Jacob Eller 
6 BERRONG, Greg John   I7673 Jacob Eller 
7 BERRONG, Hugh Lannie   I7672 Jacob Eller 
8 BERRONG, Larry Merle   I10347 Jacob Eller 
9 BRADLEY, Betty Ann   I7745 Jacob Eller 
10 BRADLEY, Grover Clarence  19 Oct 1918Rabun County, Georgia I7744 Jacob Eller 
11 BROWN, Roy Lyndon   I8493 Jacob Eller 
12 DOVER, Terry   I13535 Jacob Eller 
13 DOVER, Timothy   I13534 Jacob Eller 
14 ELLER, Anderson  16 Mar 1879Rabun County, Georgia I6497 Jacob Eller 
15 ELLER, Caroline (Twin)  Sep 1840Rabun County, Georgia I5867 Jacob Eller 
16 ELLER, Dillard Oscar  20 Mar 1890Rabun County, Georgia I6550 Jacob Eller 
17 ELLER, Easter Angeline  17 Aug 1903Rabun County, Georgia I6177 Jacob Eller 
18 ELLER, Elisha Hedden "Lish"  24 Oct 1837Rabun County, Georgia I10944 Christian Eller 
19 ELLER, Elisha Hedden "Lish"  24 Oct 1837Rabun County, Georgia I5864 Jacob Eller 
20 ELLER, Elizabeth Ann "Betsey"  10 May 1829Rabun County, Georgia I5860 Jacob Eller 
21 ELLER, Ella Mae  1894Rabun County, Georgia I7240 Jacob Eller 
22 ELLER, Franklin  1852Rabun County, Georgia I11326 Christian Eller 
23 ELLER, Franklin Pearson  1852Rabun County, Georgia I5963 Jacob Eller 
24 ELLER, Hansel Ray   I8786 Jacob Eller 
25 ELLER, Harden Washington "Hard" "Hardy"  16 Jul 1843Rabun County, Georgia I5756 Jacob Eller 
26 ELLER, Hardy W.  16 Jul 1843Rabun County, Georgia I9984 Christian Eller 
27 ELLER, Humphrey Posey  1826Rabun County, Georgia I10939 Christian Eller 
28 ELLER, Humphrey Posey  1826Rabun County, Georgia I5858 Jacob Eller 
29 ELLER, Jacob (Twin)  1838Rabun County, Georgia I5866 Jacob Eller 
30 ELLER, Jeffrey (twin)  1838Rabun County, Georgia I10945 Christian Eller 
31 ELLER, Jeffrey (Twin)  1838Rabun County, Georgia I5865 Jacob Eller 
32 ELLER, John F.  15 Aug 1866Rabun County, Georgia I11193 Christian Eller 
33 ELLER, Rev. John Franklin  15 Aug 1866Rabun County, Georgia I6545 Jacob Eller 
34 ELLER, Joseph Milton "Pid" (Twin)  Sep 1840Rabun County, Georgia I5861 Jacob Eller 
35 ELLER, Malinda Catherine  1827Rabun County, Georgia I5859 Jacob Eller 
36 ELLER, Manerva  11 Dec 1864Rabun County, Georgia I10204 Christian Eller 
37 ELLER, Manerva  11 Dec 1864Rabun County, Georgia I11149 Christian Eller 
38 ELLER, Manerva  11 Dec 1864Rabun County, Georgia I6544 Jacob Eller 
39 ELLER, Manerva  11 Dec 1867Rabun County, Georgia I11192 Christian Eller 
40 ELLER, Mary Dorinda   I11133 Jacob Eller 
41 ELLER, Melvin E.  25 Mar 1888Rabun County, Georgia I6549 Jacob Eller 
42 ELLER, Nancy  1866Rabun County, Georgia I11328 Christian Eller 
43 ELLER, Nancy  1866Rabun County, Georgia I11947 Christian Eller 
44 ELLER, Nancy  1866Rabun County, Georgia I5964 Jacob Eller 
45 ELLER, Robert Gordon   I7926 Jacob Eller 
46 ELLER, Robert H.  18 Jul 1840Rabun County, Georgia I10073 Christian Eller 
47 ELLER, Robert H.  18 Jul 1840Rabun County, Georgia I5847 Jacob Eller 
48 ELLER, Vinetta  1835Rabun County, Georgia I5863 Jacob Eller 
49 ELLER, William  1870Rabun County, Georgia I11329 Christian Eller 
50 ELLER, William  1870Rabun County, Georgia I11948 Christian Eller 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHASTAIN, Nancy  Rabun County, Georgia I14967 Jacob Eller 
2 ELLER, Elbert Micajah "Cager"  1 May 1985Rabun County, Georgia I7759 Jacob Eller 
3 ELLER, Elisha Hedden "Lish"  22 Jan 1929Rabun County, Georgia I10944 Christian Eller 
4 ELLER, Elisha Hedden "Lish"  22 Jan 1929Rabun County, Georgia I5864 Jacob Eller 
5 ELLER, Este  30 May 1993Rabun County, Georgia I7764 Jacob Eller 
6 ELLER, Euster Mae  1 Jul 1994Rabun County, Georgia I7920 Jacob Eller 
7 ELLER, Hershel Virgil  22 Apr 1961Rabun County, Georgia I6323 Jacob Eller 
8 ELLER, Malinda  22 Jul 1868Rabun County, Georgia I5956 Jacob Eller 
9 ELLER, Rosa Mae  3 Sep 1990Rabun County, Georgia I7763 Jacob Eller 
10 GILLESPIE, James Brabson  23 Feb 1954Rabun County, Georgia I6796 Jacob Eller 
11 GILLESPIE, William "Uncle Billie"  20 Oct 1875Rabun County, Georgia I6559 Jacob Eller 
12 HOOPER, Carl Dewey  13 Jun 1981Rabun County, Georgia I6316 Jacob Eller 
13 HOOPER, George Coy  15 Jul 1975Rabun County, Georgia I7415 Jacob Eller 
14 ROGERS, Verlon Martin  21 Feb 1988Rabun County, Georgia I7950 Jacob Eller 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 ELLER, Rosa Mae  Sep 1990Rabun County, Georgia I7763 Jacob Eller 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BRADSHAW / ALLEN   F3856 Jacob Eller 
2 ELLER /   Rabun County, Georgia F4239 Christian Eller 
3 ELLER /   Rabun County, Georgia F4024 Christian Eller 
4 ELLER / ALLEN  11 Oct 1835Rabun County, Georgia F1999 Jacob Eller 
5 ELLER / ELLER  12 Oct 1854Rabun County, Georgia F2047 Jacob Eller 
6 ELLER / ELLER  Mar 1928Rabun County, Georgia F2664 Jacob Eller 
7 ELLER / HALL  4 Dec 1845Rabun County, Georgia F3892 Christian Eller 
8 ELLER / HALL  4 Dec 1845Rabun County, Georgia F2042 Jacob Eller 
9 ELLER / HEDDEN  3 Jan 1825Rabun County, Georgia F2032 Jacob Eller 
10 ELLER / UNKNOWN  Rabun County, Georgia F2071 Jacob Eller 
11 GILLESPIE / ELLER  26 Nov 1825Rabun County, Georgia F2285 Jacob Eller 
12 HALL / ELLER  Rabun County, Georgia F2044 Jacob Eller 
13 HOOPER / KILBY  10 Nov 1920Rabun County, Georgia F2561 Jacob Eller 
14 HOOPER / LEDFORD   F2697 Jacob Eller 
15 MURPHY / ELLER  Rabun County, Georgia F3895 Christian Eller 
16 MURPHY / ELLER  Rabun County, Georgia F2048 Jacob Eller 
17 SHOOK / NOBLET  4 Feb 1931Rabun County, Georgia F2720 Jacob Eller 
18 WILSON / ROGERS   F4270 Jacob Eller