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3701 William was killed in a sawmill accident. He was born about 1866 and was his mother's sole means of support at his death. Dick, William (I27)
3702 William was knighted at the battle of Northampton in 1460. TYRRELL, Sir William , of Heron (I14376)
3703 William was the Duke of Aquitaine. William (I2823)
3704 William Wilkins was believed to be an Indian fighter. South Carolina records show he was a Revolutionary War soldier, serving as a private horseman in Captain Mapp's company in 1782. WILKINS, William (I9145)
3705 William Wynne was 16 at the time of his father's death. Like his grandfather, he became something of an explorer...venturing into less explored land in Western parts of Virginia William Wynne was living in Brunswick County, Virginia, from 1721 (when he testified as a Bunswick witness in a Prince George Court) to 1736. (Brunswick was formed from Prince George, and parts of it were later divided to make Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Pittsylvania and Halifax). Because tobacco farming rapidly ruined the soil, William constantly purchase new land to the west. To find such land, William joined other explorers (including William Byrd) in 1733. Many of the landmarks these explorers found were named for them....including Wynne's Falls (which later became the City of Danville). Shortly after his return to Brunswick from the 1733 exploration, he moved his family to the Western part of Brunswick (which would later be Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties). And he bought land all through the area. In 1753, he and a Clement Reed bought 36,000 acres in Lunenburg County. We also find several of his children (John, Elizabeth & Thomas?) in Lunenburg County, apparently on land their father purchased. But in his later years, William was living in Pittsylvania on land near Danville. William was appointed by Governor Dinwiddie to help organize the nearby county of Halifax where he owned considerable property. Before his death, William had transfered most of his land to his children. WYNNE, William (I2844)
3706 William's age given as 24, which supports his birth year being 1860. Family F3
3707 William's will, dated 1 October 1716, was probated 18 December 1717. In it he mentioned his son William, grandson, William Lucas, son Charles (under 21) daughters Ann and Elizabeth to recieve 10 shillings each (probably both married), Grace, Hannah, Mary, Daniel Eelbank, and his wife, Grace.
This information provided by Jim Barker. 
LUCAS, William (I18382)
3708 Willis was an American Indian, representing the Kiowa tribe, although because of his longtime residence in the capital of the Cherokee Nation, many people assumed he was Cherokee. Willis, William Paschal "Bill" (I17379)
3709 Winford Berrong was known by most as Wint! Wint carried the mail on horseback from Titus post office across the mountain to Plum Orchard and Tate City for 4 or 5 years. After that he bought a jeep and continued this route until around 1955. He was probably the last mail carrier in the state to deliver mail by horseback. This is his first mailhorse named Maude! (see newspaper clipping and photo) BERRONG, Winford Andrew "Wint" (I12987)
3710 Winner, SD BURDICK, Bill (I1329)
3711 With his brother Claude, Thomas A. Seals founded the Seals Piano Company of Birmingham, AL. SEALS, Thomas Albert (I5398)
3712 With his brother John H. Eller he settled in the Little SnowbirdCommunity, Graham County, North Carolina, about 1887. Later he and hiseldest son, J. W., purchased adjacent tracts on Moose Branch one milesouth of Robbinsville, the county seat of Graham County, NorthCarolina. ELLER, Rev. William Huey "Bill" (I47)
3713 With his brother William H., he moved with his thee childen to theLittle Snowbird Community in Graham County, North Carolina, about1887. The land they purchased, no longer in the family, is still knownas Eller Cove. Later he moved to Cherokee County, North Carolina, topastor the Beaver Creek Free Will Baptist Church. He returned later toGraham County and settled in the Atoah Community where he was a largeland owner. ELLER, Rev. John H. (I45)
3714 Witness to a concession in1069 by Ralf, Count of Amines, to the church of Amiens. de TIREL, Sir Walter , II (I2461)
3715 Worth entered the Army in May 1943 and was sent overseas the following Oct. He was 19 when he was killed in action on Feb 4, 1944 near Terrela Italy. He had lived in Ovid, Madison Co IN and attended Markleville High School. Jackson, Worth (I185)
3716 www.gencircles.com Shirley's Family File
Crane, Hester Anne (I538)
3717 www.gencircles.com Shirley's Family File
Crane, Grant David (I1274)
3718 www.gencircles.com Shirley's Family File Crane, Richard Francis (Frank) (I529)
3719 www.gencircles.com Shirley's Family File Crane, Charles D (I530)
3720 www.gencircles.com Shirley's Family File Crane, James Benjamin (I537)
3721 www.gencircles.com Shirley's Family File Crane, Issac (I1267)
3722 www.gencircles.com Shirley's Family File Crane, Mary Susan (Susie) (I1269)
3723 www.gencircles.com Shirley's Family File Crane, James A (I1270)
3724 www.gencircles.com Shirley's Family File Crane, Francis Elizabeth (I1271)
3725 www.gencircles.com Shirley's Family File Crane, Amanda (Mandy) (I1272)
3726 www.gencircles.com Shirley's Family File Crane, William H (I1273)
3727 www.gencircles.com Shirley's Family File Crane, Rebecca Jane (I1275)
3728 www.gencircles.com Shirley's Family File Crane, Emily Charlotta (Lottie) (I1276)
3729 www.gencircles.com NEW-BORUFF.GED Stutzman, Catherine (I68)
3730 www.gencircles.com NEW-BORUFF.GED Bowen, Matilda Caroline (I69)
3731 www.gencircles.com NEW-BORUFF.GED Sears, Christian Zaher (I77)
3732 www.gencircles.com NEW-BORUFF.GED Wright, Nancy (I257)
3733 www.gencircles.com NEW-BORUFF.GED Wright, Charity (I259)
3734 www.gencircles.com NEW-BORUFF.GED Wright, David (I260)
3735 www.gencircles.com NEW-BORUFF.GED Taylor, Charles (I531)
3736 www.gencircles.com NEW-BORUFF.GED Taylor, William Green (I532)
3737 www.gencircles.com NEW-BORUFF.GED 3 December 1925 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Taylor, Denver Carl (I534)
3738 www.gencircles.com NEW-BORUFF.GED Married 25 August 1904 in Martin, , Indiana Taylor, William Floyd (I533)
3739 www.gencircles.com Title: NEW-BORUFF.GED
Wright, James Benjamin (I254)
3740 www.gencircles.com Title: NEW-BORUFF.GED
Sears, Elizabeth (I998)
3741 www.gencircles.com Title: NEW-BORUFF.GED
Wright, Francis (Frankie) Ann (I1000)
3742 www.gencircles.com Title: NEW-BORUFF.GED
Bowen, Isaac (I1425)
3743 www.gencircles.com Title: NEW-BORUFF.GED Wright, Mary Ann (I253)
3744 www.gencircles.com Title: NEW-BORUFF.GED Wright, Emsley (I258)
3745 www.gencircles.com Title: NEW-BORUFF.GED Wright, Phoebe (I262)
3746 www.gencircles.com Title: NEW-BORUFF.GED Wright, Rachel (I263)
3747 www.gencircles.com Title: NEW-BORUFF.GED Wright, Mrs. Sarah (I264)
3748 year uncertain THOMPSON, Richard (I3405)
3749 York died at 13 years old while attending a circus in Hiawassee. His sister (Flo Eller Carter) described his symptom as "Black Out Spells". ELLER, Wesley York (I6193)
3750 Your author has some doubt if this John Vaughan is the Earl of Carbery.

There is a John Vaughan (b. 1601-1602) arrived in the Virginia colony on the ship Bona Nova in 1619. He is listed in the muster of 1624/5 as living at Elizabeth Citte beyond the Hampton River as a servant in the household of Mr. William Garry. 
Vaughan, Sir John William Earl of Carbery (I18869)

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