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The Goodspeed History of Tennessee says John and Thadius both served in the Confederate Army during the civil war. Both reportedly became ill and died in that conflict. 
TERRELL, Thadius (I16981)

(Later changed name to Beagle?, )

BECHTEL, George (R:321, ID:) (I33)

A few years before his death - "Yonse" was Sheriff of Wetzel Co., WV. 
Eller, Yonsell Jay (R:208, ID:) (I290)

Aaron Eller and wife Polly Earhart Eller moved to California 
Eller, Aaron (R:1862, ID:) (I63)

Abram S. Eller born 1835 and died 1883 about age 48. There was norecord of his death in Death Records of Audrain Co., so do not knowwhat he died of. I did, however, obtain copies of his EstateSettlement in Mexico, County Seat of Audrain Co., MO. These are in myfiles. Through Census Records and Court House Records, I found that hehad seven children.

The Census Records of 1880, Audrain Co., MO, listed him as a Farmer,and living at South Salt River. Estate Settlement was from Book F,page 205, Audrain Co., Missouri. Research done in Mexico, Audrain Co.,MO in Aug. of 1987.

Abram served in the Civil War, Pvt. Co. D, Perkin's Bn., MissouriInfantry, (Confederate Soldiers from Missouri) 
Eller, Abram S (R:353, ID:) (I80)

Absolam only lived to be age 27. Aunt Nevba Eller Ritz, said someonetold her mother there was a rumor that he might have been poisoned bydrinking water; but did not know any facts - there was no cause ofdeath listed at Court House at New Martinsville, Wetzel Co. I guessthis is just a "Grandmother's tale" and we will never know whether itwas deliberate by some unknown factor, or accidental - maybe neither.My dad, Berrell Eller never knew cause of death; or at least he nevermentioned it to me. Per Clarice V. Eller Stanley.

Absolam and wife Catherine 'Cassie" Yoho Eller only had two children;a daughter named Rchel F. Eller who died 8 Aug. 1889 at age 22 ofTyphoid Fever, and Charles A. Eller who was my grandfather, He wasonly 3 Mos. old when his father died.

Cassie Yoho Eller married a second time to Robert Randolph Goddard 3April 1872 in Wetzel Co. on 3 April 1872; ge was 21m sge 24, They had8 daughters as follows:- Mary Elizabeth, Louella Ann, Rosa Belle,Violet, Bessie E., Georgia Pearl, Myrtle Evaline & Lelah May Goddard.As you see, my grandfather was the only son Cassie had 
Eller, Absolam T. (R:276, ID:) (I246)

According to Birth Record in Audrain Co., MO of a daughter, no namegiven, of George E, Eller & Kittie Waters Eller, information statedKittie was age 22 as of 1 Sept. 1885, and that she was born inKentucky. There were only a few births recorded in the 1880's inAudrain Co., Missouri 
Eller, George E. (R:359, ID:) (I83)

Addording to Crumrine's History of Washington Co., PA - 1882, asfollows:
Peter Eller came to West Bethlehem Township soom after 1800, andpurchased 75 acres of land which he soom after sold, and bought onehundred and sixty acres of Christian Ufford, on the south fork foDaniels' Run, above Christopher Cox's, and below Thomas Rees andCaspar Rickett, and also adjoining the lands of John Crumrine andJacob Shedder, Henry Eller, Son of the settler, Peter Eller, lives onthe tract his father purchased from Ufford.

When Peter Eller's father Henry Eller died in Maryland in 1788, Peterwas not yet of age; so did not get his share of inheritance untill 25April 1800, as per deed Book M 12, pages 462,463, Washington Co., MD.

Note: I obtained a copy of this deed at Hagerstown Court House,Maryland 29 October 1986 - Per Clarice V. Eller Stanley.

Peter Eller died in West Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA on 8 Jan.1843 age 63. Since he left no will, there was an Agreement of Divisionof Property in same Twp. and County dated May 1843, Partitions1781-1850, West Bethlehem Twp, Vol. or File E. p. 351 as follows:-Memorandum of an agreement assigned the widow and heirs of Peter Ellerlate of West Bethlehem Township, Washington County, deceased:- Whereasit was the desigh of the said intestate that certain articles of hisproperty hereinafter mentioned should be ?? and enjoyed by certainof his children, but inasmuch as he died withour leaving a will, hisintention in their behalf cannot be legally carried into effect, andwhereas we the widow and children of the said Peter Eller are desirousto carry out the intentions of the said intestate in reference to thesaid property, we do therefore herby agree that Henry Eller shall havea Brown Horse appraised at $52.50 - that Catherine Eller shall havethe Bell Cow appraised at $11.00 - that Elizabeth Eller shall have theRed Cow valued at $9.00 and - that Mary Eller shall have the Black Cowvalued at $16.00 - and we hereby direct the administrators of saidPeter Eller to deliver the said articles to the said articles to theparties above mentioned respectively and acquit and discharge themfrom accountability to us in the settlement of said estate for thisappraised value of the same, by witness our hands this day ofMay 1843.
Mary Eller, Widow (signed with an (X) (Her Mark)
Daniel Eller
Mary Eller
Henry Eller
Katherine Eller
Elizabeth Eller
Daniel Eller and Nicholas Garret were the administrators, and theheirs received their distributive shares as follows:-
Mary Magdeline Eller - signed with an X - for $6.46 on Oct. 28, 1845
Mary Eller signed that she received $2.58 Oct. 28, 1845
Henry Eller signed that he received $207.95 in full of Note and BookAccount on Sept. 22, 1845.
Katherine Eller signed that she received $2.58 Oct. 28, 1845
Elizabeth Eller signed that she received $2.58 Oct. 28, 1845
Henry Eller signed that he received $2.58 Oct. 28, 1845

Note: I assume that Daniel Eller, Administrator was the oldest son ofPeter Eller, This document does not show how he was compensated.

Further research in Washington Co., PA, as of June 1991, ClariceStanley found another record of Peter's Estate settlement in Orphan'sCourt Dockets, Account Settlement, File No. 37, Feb. 1846 Term. TheArticle was a little more detailed and showed an allowance for theservices of Daniel Eller, There was a complete listing of accountspaid, Of interest, Jonathan Garber was paid $7.00 for a Coffin forPeter Eller.

Additional information found June 1991 - An Estate Settlement, forCATHERINE SHIDLER, file "S" No. 31, 1841 Term, Inventory andappraisment date was Dec. 14th, 1839. I photocopied a few pages.(Papers were in a bundle in a small File Box in the Court HouseArchives, Washington Co., PA.) There were shares paid to what seemedto be children & their spouces. Included was a receipt signed by:Peter Eller, Mary Eller and Daniel Eller, Also listed was an amount of$250.00 paid to Peter Eller for "keeping Widow". This leads one tobelieve that the WIDDOW SHIDLER was Peter Eller's Mother-in-law, andmother of Mary Magdalene Eller..

Peter Eller, wife and children are buried at Old Dunkard ChurchCemetery, near Marianna, Washington Co., PA. 
Eller, Peter (R:294, ID:) (I209)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Boston, Mary Louise (R:862, ID:) (I465)

As of 1984 her address was:
Helen Elizabeth Scales
2047 Wells Drive
Madison, Indiana 47250

As per corres, from Augusta D. Eller - RIN #818

SCALES, Helen Elizabeth (R:820, ID:) (I138)

Aubra Genevieve Huggins lineage:
Parents: Cyrus P. Huggins & Louella Goddard
Grandparents: John R. Huggins & Anna B, __?__
Maternal Grandparents: David Goddard & Elizabeth Boughner/Bonar.

HUGGINS, Aubra Genevieve (R:545, ID:) (I127)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. THACKER, Barbara Mae (R:284, ID:) (I355)
13 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. JOHNSON, Beverly (R:587, ID:) (I451)



Sister Elizabeth, if she outlives me, to have house and farm for herlifetime.

Ten Mile Brethern Church - $1000

Sarah Holder - $100

Nancy Crumrine - $100

Ross Vaukirk - $800 for care of me and my sister for our lifetime.

Rev. John Johnson - $500

My Physician - Dr. C. M. Ludley, M.D. - $500

Niece Sarah Salome Shroutz - $1000

Nephew - Daniel Moore - $1000

Remainder of my estate to Miss Rosanna Pheaster,

Executor: John K. Horn

Signed: Catherine Eller (Her X Mark)

Witt: Jonathan Moor John H. Horn 20January 1897

Research by: Clarice V. Eller Stanley - October 5, 1989

Eller, Catherine (R:329, ID:) (I234)
15 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Eller, Charles Vincent (R:82, ID:) (I329)

Christina Eller d/o Henry Eller, Jr. & Frances Grabill Eller -married Henry Shoup, Jr. Intest, Filed 28 Nov. 1843, Wheatfield, Twp.,Indiana Co., PA. He is s/0 Henry Shoup, Sr. & Elizabeth (Selson)Shoup. Inf. from Gale E. S. Honeyman, 470 Grove #2, San Francisco, CA94102 Aug. 1991, He had received this information from: BrianChristenson, 4023 Tanglewood Dr., Floyds Knobs, IN 47119 - He is fromthis family. 
Eller, Christina (R:300, ID:) (I35)
17 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Eller, Clarice Vivian (R:74, ID:1) (I328)

Clark B. Young was a Marshall Co. Deputy Sheriff, He was the son ofElijah Burge Young and Virginia Belle Neely, and probably a distantrelative of Opal A. Young.

YOUNG, Clark B. (R:929, ID:) (I350)

DANIEL ELLER s/o PETER ELLER who settled in Washington Co., PA, WestBethlehem Township soon after 1800.

Daniel Eller and wife Eleanor/Ella/Ellen were childless, as far as Ican determine from research in that area. According to 1850 and 1860Census, of that county and township, no children are listed.

#226-226 - page 188 of Microfilm 1850 Washington Co., PA
ELLER, Daniel 40 PA Farmer $1,000
Ellen 30 PA

#1026-1026 - Page 1099 & 1100 of Microfilm 1850 Washington Co., W.Bethlehem
ELLER, Daniel 50 PA Farmer $2500/500
Eleanor 49 PA

Another item of interest - A will of MARGARET ELLER WIDOW OF DANIELELLER dated 17 Aug, 1906, Probated 19 Sept. 1908, DATE OF DEATH: 11AUG. 1908, Do not know if she is a second wife of this Daniel or not,WILL BK, 23, P. 520 FILE #141 - ABSTRACT AS FOLLOWS:
My body to be buried beside deceased husband Daniel Eller in theDunkard Burying Ground.
Dev.: Nancy Jane Craft, half sister - Farm
Friend, J. B. Weir - $200
Nephew, Joseph Craft - $200
Niece, Marjorie Craft - $200
Friend, Wm. B. Ross - $200
North Ten Mile Baptist Church - $50
Half Brother, John Craft - $50
Balance of estate to be divided among those mentionedabove.
Executors: John B. Weir and Joseph Craft Signed: Margaret Eller
Witt: Martha B. Weir and Mary H. Dunkle 17 Aug. 1906

Daniel Eller's dates are 25 Sept. 1810 - 12 April 1890, age 80
Ellen Eller's dates are 26 Dec. 1815 - 9 Jan. 1885, age 70
Per Markers - Old Dunkard Church Cemetery Listing (Margaret Eller notlisted)

Researched by: Clarice V. Eller Stanley - October 5, 1989, WashingtonCo., PA
Information found in Citizens Library & Court House, Washington, PA 
Eller, Daniel (R:328, ID:) (I59)

Daniel Eller, 7th child of Henry Eller & Elizabeth Bigler and heapparently was living with his mother in the 1790 census of FrederickCo., MD. One son was 16 & upwards, and one son was under 16, Danielwould be the elder, and youngest child in this family would be Peter,age about 10 yrs. old.

The 1810, 1820, & 1830 Census of PA, shows a Daniel Eller in Index forFayette Co. Could find no record of him after that, In 1810 he was inGeorge Twp. and 1820 was in Redstone Twp.; and in 1830 was inMenhallen Twp., PA. My husband John and I went to Uniontown, PA. in1987 to do research on this family, and could find no trace of them.There was no record of him buying or selling property. He did notappear on the 1840 PA Census.

In 1830 he was in Menhallen Twp.:- House #180 DANIEL ELLER
1 Male 60-70 1 Female 10-15
1 Female 70-80

#248 Another Daniel Eller in Redstone Twp.
1 M under 5 1 Female 5-10
1 M 5-10 1 F 30-40
1 M 20-30

#248 Peter Eller - Redstone Twp. also.
2 M under 5 1 F under 5
1 M 20-30 1 F 20-30

Could younger Daniel Eller and Peter Eller be sons of the older
1 M 5-10 1 F 30-40
1 M 20-30

Note: Per May 1990 Issue of Eller Chronicles publication, informationabout Daniel Eller & wife Hannah on pages 63, 64 & 65, According tothe article Daniel and wife are living with son Peter Eller in RipleyCounty, Indiana Per 1850 Census Record.

Further - Per Eller Chronicles page 34 of February 1991 Publication,Thelma M. Hepper of RR. 1, Box 34, Lebanon, SD 57455 supplied thefollowing Census information:
ELLER, Peter 50 VA Farmer
Margaret 40 PA
Mary J. 17 PA
Joshua 14 INDIANA
Simon H. 8 "
Daniel 6 "
Hannah A. 4 "
Daniel 81 VA ??? (Prob. b. Maryland - Per Clarice
V. Stanley)
Hannah 70 N.J.

Thelma Rose Norris Hepper is a descendant of Mary Jane Eller child #1of Peter & Margaret J. Little Eller.
Mary Jane Eller married James Samuel Crane, and their 6th childSherman Willis Crane married Allie C. Beckner, and their 7th childCarrie Nation Crane married Victor Norris, and their daughter isThelma mentioned above. For further genealogy refer to the February1991 Eller Chronicles, pages 34 through 40. 
Eller, Daniel (R:289, ID:) (I194)

Daniel Willard Eller was not mentioned in his father's will as of 12June 1867; therefore, must have been deceased by that time.
Eller, Daniel Willard (R:339, ID:) (I20)
22 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PAITH, Dorothy Lee (R:83, ID:) (I151)

Elder - German Baptist Brethern. 
BROWER, Elder John II (R:1857, ID:) (I29)

Elias Eller was born in Frederick or Washington Co., MD. Elias cameto Ohio Co., VA/WV in 1830, There he married Mary Standiford d/oSkelton Standiford and Mary on 4 March 1830, Ohio Co. Record book2/17, He must have brought his younger brother Peter Eller, who was mygreat grandfather with him, as he married a younger sister of MaryStanddford, Jane Standiford, There is no record; however, of theirmarriage in Ohio Co.; and it must be noted not all marriages wererecorded, especially if married by a Justice of the Peace.

Elisa & Mary bought a lot in Triadelphia, WV, near Wheeling, VA/WV 1June 1833, Ohio Co. Deed Bk. 18/349. Elias & Mary sold this lot 21Aug. 1838, Ohio Co. Deed Bk. 23/42 & 43. On the 23rd. day of May 1838,Elias Eller of Ohio Co., VA bought 180 acres of land in Audrain Co.,NO Deed Bk. Vol A, pages 121 & 122, Audrian Co. Missouri bordersCallaway Co., MO on the North, It seems that Elias Eller settled justa little above the county line and his brother Jacob Eller, Jr. southof this line in Calloway Co..

John & Clarice Eller Stanley did research in these two counties forElias & Jacob Eller, Jr. and their families in August of 1987 
Eller, Elias (R:280, ID:) (I46)



Sister Catherine, if she outlives me, to have house and farm for herlifetime.

Gertrude Vaukirk and Margaret Vaukirk - Daughters of Ross Vaukirk - Toeach a Featherbed.

Sarah Holder, w/o Williwm - $400 and other items.

Nancy Crumrine - $100

Effie Smith and Fanny Smith - Daughters of Moses Smith - $100 ea.

Catherine Horn, w/o John - $100

Rev. John Johnson - $500

Huntington School - $200

Rebecca Grable and her sister Hattie - $100 ea.

My Physician - Dr. C. M. Ludley, M.D. - $500

Nephew - Daniel Moore - $200

Niece Catherine Moore - $300

Ross Vaukirk - Residue and remainder for taking care of me and mysister for our lifetime.

Executor: John K. Horn

Signed: Elizabeth Eller (Her X Mark)

Witt: Jonathan Moor
John H. Horn 20 Jan. 1897

Note: There is a burial listed on copy of "Old Dunkard Churchcemetery" near Marianna, Washington co., pa, west Bethlehem twp, asfollows:
KATE MOORE b. 1850 - d. 1927, age 77 - Is she the above CatherineMoore?
Mary M. Eller sister to Elizabeth Eller, signer of will, was marriedto Jacob Moore 28 Dec. 1849 by Rev. Thomas Swain. Extracted from oldExaminer Records, publication Sat. Jan. 5, 1850 - Copied at Wheeling,WV, Ohio co. Library.

Research by: Clarice V. Eller Stanley - October 5, 1989

Eller, Elizabeth (R:330, ID:) (I60)

Elizabeth Grabill w/o Joseph Eller and sister Frances (Fannie, etc/)were daughters of Peter & (Mary?) Grabill Sr., as named in his 11March 1811 Will proved in Frederick Co., MD 2 Nov 1812. Francesmarried Henry Eller II, brother to Joseph Eller. Joseph & Henry EllerII or Jr., sons of Henry & Elizabeth Bigler Eller.
This information received 2 May 1990 from:-
Gale Edwin Spitler Honeyman
470 Grove #2
San Francisco, CA 94102

Aug, 1991 - Additional data regarding will received from same sourceabove:-
Frederick Co., MD, Peter GRABILL, SR, Will Liber R.B.-1, Folio 327.
Wife mentioned, not named, to be cared for by Dau. Saree.
Children: Peter, John, Elizabeth, Franey & Joseph.
ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTS 1812-1817 p.p. 192-3: Final Distribution, 28Apr. 1813, Fanny, w/o Henry Eller, 213.16.10 3/4 pounds
Joseph Grabil, 212.16.10 3/4 pounds
Elizabeth w/o Joseph Eller 298.16.10 3/4 pounds
Peter & John Grabel each, 313.16.10 3/4 pounds
The widow and Saree are not mentioned.
Note: From other records, Gale Honeyman feels that Peter Grabill,Sr.'s wife was named Mary.

Gale Honeyman states that he received his information from:
Madeline E. Fletcher of Fort Collins, Colorado - copies of handwritten notes made by her late mother in 1958.
Madeline Fletcher was given the James William Hook Memorial Award,for her extensive work with Mt. Hook which resulted in his publicationof his second book in 1957 of "Geo. Michael Eller & Descendants inAmerica"
This award was presented at the Second Eller Conference, Estes Park ,Colorado, 10 July of 1991. Refer to Eller Chronicles, Nov. 1991, VolV, No 4. 
GRABILL, Elizabeth (R:284, ID:) (I32)

Elizabeth is d/o Mark Bigler & Catherine. Elizabeth Eller a widow waslast on the 1790 Census of Frederick Co., MD.

BIGLER, Elizabeth (R:283, ID:) (I3)

Eva Margareth is d/o Johann Elias Williard and Rosina Gump.
Rosina Gump is d/o Johann Georg Gump & Rosina Mack.

WILLIARD, Eva Margaret (R:277, ID:) (I14)

HENRY ELLER s/o PETER ELLER who settled in West Bethlehem Township ofWashington Co., PA soon after 1800, and resided on his father's farmafter Peter's death.

I have not found a marriage record for Henry Eller; however, he couldhave been married and wife died soon after. Estate Settlement forHenry Eller, Washington Co., PA, File No. 15, Book Z, AdministrationAccounts 15 Feb. 1888. There was no mention of a wife, in brief,shares to following:
Daniel H. Moore, Elizabeth Eller, Catherine Eller, D. Eller, CatherineA, Moore, and Sarah L. Shrontz. I assume Daniel H. Moore and CatherineA. Moore were his Nephiew and
Niece; and children of Henry Eller's sister Mary who married Jacob
Moore. Mary was already deceased - as of 24 Feb. 1871.

#228-228 - Page 186 of Microfilm
ELLER, Henry 32 PA Farmer $2800
Magdalena 68 PA (This is his widowed mother)
Elizabeth 34 PA
Catherine 37 PA
Harvey 9 PA ( Believe he is son ofCatherine)

Ref, Catherine & Harvey - Found Deeds in Washington Co., PA: CatherineEller & Harvy Eller Grntees and Henry Myers & Wife Grantors - dated 27Nov. 1882 and same Catherine & Harvy (Harvey) Grantees and Henry EllerGrantor - dated 1 May 1862. Deed Bk. 4T (94), pages 114, 115 & 116 -Recorded March 18, 1871.

WASHINGTON CO., PA WEST BETHLEHEM TOWNSHIP - 1860 #1205-1205 - Page1099 of Microfilm
ELLER, Henry 44 PA Farmer $6580/1000
Kate 48 PA
Elizabeth 46 PA
Mary ELLER 78 PA
Harvey ELLER 19 PA Laborer
George MILLER 18 PA

Below extracted from: BOOK - THE Twenty SECOND PENNSYLVANIA CAVALRYand The Ringold Battalion 1861 - 1865
Written and Compiled by: Samuel Clarke Farrar, Company C, 22nd,P.V.C., Pittsburgh, PA. Published 1911 under the auspices of the 22nd.PA. Ringold Cavalry Association. (Citizens Library, Washington, PA.)

HARVEY H. ELLER, 1st. Sergant . . . . . Oct. 14, 1862, Mustered in(Civil War) Captured Sept. 4, 1863 near Moorefield, VA; died at BelleIsle prison, Richmond, VA - 16 Dec. 1864.

Harvey Eller born 1841 per Census Records. He would have been age 23at the time of death.

Researched by: Clarice V. Eller Stanley - Oct. 5 1989, Washington, PA,at Citizens Ligrary. Further Research June 6, 1991, Washington, PA atWashington Co., Court House. Specific Research on Harvey H. Eller.Searched Orphans Court Records to find parentage - none. Can onlyconclude he must have been s/o Catherine Eller mentioned above perDeeds Records and father unknown. 
Eller, Henry (R:331, ID:) (I61)

Henry N. Ritz lineage:-
Parents: Frank Ritz & Gertrude Parsons
Grandparents: Victor Ritz & Jane Sibert
Great Grandparents: Jacob Ritz b. France & Rose Anna Rollier b.Switzerland

Maternal Grandparents: Francis M. Parsons & Elmira R. Moore, wife #1
1853-19161861-1886 Both bur. Parsons Cem.
Near Huff Ridge,Wetzel Co.
Great Grandparents: Jesse Parsons & Lydia Wykert

G.G. Grandparents: Henry Parsons & Hannah Gorby
G.G. Grandparents: Francis Wykert & Nancy Ann Yoho

G.G.G. Grandparents: William Henry Parsons & Prudence Yoho sister toHenry Yoho, Rev. War Sol. - See Henry Yoho below.
G.G.G.Grandparents:Thomas Gorby & Elizabeth Allman
G.G.G.Grandparents: Francis Wykert b. Germany & Elizabeth __?__ b.Germany
G.G.G.Grandparents: Henry Hoho, Rev. War Sol, & Catherine Baker d/oof Capt. John Baker

According to Denver Yoho, Gallipolis, Oh, Yoho Researcher:

The parents of above mentioned Henry Yoho & Prudence Yoho are:

Johathan Yoho & Susanna Catherine Lau who lived at Sulzthal, Alsace,Europe and came to Pennsylvania in 1738, Jonathan's Parents were JohnMichael Yoho and Susanna Gelker also of Sulzthal, Alsace.

RITZ, Harry N. (R:558, ID:) (I128)

Henry Shoup, Jr., Intest, filed 28 Nov, 1843, Wheatfield Twp.,Indiana Co., PA. He is s/o Henry Shoup, Sr. & Elizabeth (Sealson)Shoup. Inf. from Gale E. S. Honeyman, 470 Grove #2, San Francisco, CA94102 Aug. 1991, He had received this information from: BrianChristenson, 4023 Tanglewood Dr., Floyds Knobs, IN 47119 - He is fromthis family. 
SHOUP, Henry Jr. (R:311, ID:) (I38)
32 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Eller, Augusta D. (R:816, ID:) (I341)

Information for Jacob Garber II and wife Mary Magdalene Eller I.D.#291, d/o Henry Eller & Elizabeth Bigler Eller, plus family wasreceived Aug. 1991 from Gale E. S. Honeyman, 470 Grove #2 SanFrancisco, CA 94102.
His reference: THE GARBER HISTORICAL RECORD, Vol 1, No. 1, 1937 byClark M. Garber, Family data is incomplete; however, Jacob Garber s/oJacob Gerber, Sr., Note spelling of name - Gerber/Garber,
Clark Garber speculated that this family moved to Washington Co., PAin 1794 where Jacob was elected to the Ministry of the German BaptistBrethren Church. He farmed and was a cobble. He also states that thefamily moved in 1834 to a farm in Jefferson Twp., Richland Co., OH.7-1/2 miles southwest of Butler, where a cemetery was established ontheir farm.
Jacob Garber II - Will dated 6 July 1849, He died 19 Jan 1852,Richland Co., OH.
Note: Order of Children not established.
Also, an item of interest per Mr Honeyman:- The German BaptistBrethern officially changed their name in 1908 to CHURCH OF THEBRETHREN.
Mr. Honeyman has stated that he is a member of the Church Of TheBrethren.

GARBER, Jacob, II (R:323, ID:) (I214)

Information on the families of Peter and Margaret J. Little Ellerwere supplied by Thelma Hepper, RR 1, Box 34, Lebanon, S.D. 57455. SeeEller Chronicles Feb. 1991 Publication, jpages 34 through 40. Therewere probably older children for this marriage, as Peter Eller isfound in the 1830 Census in Fayette Co., PA, Redstone Twp, page #248of Microfilm;
2 Males under 5, 1 Female under 5
1 Male 20-30 1 Female 20-30.
Therefore, there were children born in Pennsylvania, before they movedto Ripley Co., Indiana, where Peter and wife Margaret and fivechildren were living in 1850 along with his parents Daniel and HannahEller his parents.
Father Daniel Eller was 81 b. VA and his mother Hannah age 70 b. NewJersey.
Peter was 50, a farmer b. in VA Wife Margaret 40 b. PA
ch.: Mary J. 17 PA, and Joshua 14, Simon H. 8, Daniel 6, and Hannah A.4 all born in Indiana.
If Mary Jane was born abt 1833 in PA, and Joshua Eller born abt 1836,this would determine that they moved from Fayette Co. PA to INDIANAsometime between the years of 1833 and 1836.

Thelma Hepper also found an 1856 Iowa State Census, Fayette Co.,Illyria Twp. for this family as follows:
PETER ELLER age 50 Probably error, and born in MD. 1850 Census statedhe was born in VA; however through later records she has concludedthat he was born 1801 in Maryland.
John Eller 29 PA (Widowed) Occupation Cooper (Maybe an older son??)
Simon Eller 15 IND Farmer
Daniel Eller 12 IND
Hannah Eller 10 IND
Margaret Eller 8 IND
Lafayette Eller 5 IND (Needs further research - Is he Peter's orJohn's son?) 
Eller, Peter (R:1830, ID:) (I7)

It shall be noted that John D. Eller worked 31 years for the INTERNALREVENUE SERVICE. 
Eller, John David (R:813, ID:) (I298)
36 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. STRANGES, Jacalyn Elsie (R:78, ID:) (I185)

Jacob Eller, Jr. was born in Maryland, in either Frederick Co., orWashington Co., Maryland. Jacob Eller, Jr. bought a piece of a tractof land from Jacob Eller, Sr. recorded 11 Aug. 1821, Land Record J.S.14/57 Frederick Co., MD. On April 15, 1837 Jacob, Jr. sold 6 acres ofland to Caleb Ogelton, Liber H.S. 4/468. On 1 Sept. 1837 Jacob, Jr.bought 80 acres of land in Callaway Co., Mo, Deed Book E, pages 343 &344. He and his family appeared on the 1840 and 1850 Callawlay Co., MOCensus Records.

Jacob Eller, Jr.'s Will dated 12 June 1867 was probated 4 Jan. 1868 inCallaway Co., MO, Book E, pages 757 & 758. Son Daniel Willard Ellerwas not living when he made his will, as he was not mentioned.Daughters Ann Maria, Martha Ann, and Elizabeth were not married as ofthat date in 1867. Also could not find marriages for any of hischildren except son Warren Eller.

I obtained a copy of this Will when my husband John Stanley and I didresearch in Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri in August of 1987, Copy ofthis Will is in my files. His brother Elias Eller signed as a witnessto the Will.

Jacob Eller, Jr. was in War of 1812 - Index to War of 1812, PensionFiles Vol. I:A-F, trans. by Virgil D. White, The Nat. Hist. Publ. Co.,Waynesboro, IN, 1989, p. 664: and Published in Eller Chronicles, Vol.VI;3, August 1992, pp. 194 - as follows:

ELLER, JACOB, Elizabeth (Grimes) WC-17980; m. 23 Vov 1826, FrederickCty., MD, sd 8 Dec 1867 Calloway Cty. MO, wd 17 Jan 1887, srv BartonHackney's MD Mil, lived Calloway Cty., MO

In copying from Court House Records at Frederick, MD. Jacob andElizabeth were married 13 Nov 1826 - so am not sure which is correct. 
Eller, Jacob, Jr. (R:279, ID:) (I193)

Jacob Eller, Sr. Died or was Buried - 8 MAY 1831.

According to Book published in Missouri - Pioneer Families ofMissouri, page 398, pub 18 ?. - Article mostly about sons of Jacob,Jr. & Elias Eller, it states:

Jacob Eller married Margaret Willard and they had: Philip; George;Daniel; John; Sally; Susan; Margaret; Jacob, Jr.; & Elias.
(Note: I have never heard of a Phillip, must have been an error.) Iknow that Jacob, Jr. & Elias were brothers to Peter Eller of MarshallCo., WV. According to Census records of Frederick Co., MD in 1800,they had 2 males under 10 and 1 Female under 10, Parents age 26-45. In1810 Washington Co., MD Census they had 1 M under 10, 1 M 10-16 and 1F under 10, 1 F 10-16, parents again 26-45. In 1820 Census FrederickCo., MD they had 1 M under 10; 2 M 16-26; 1 F 16-26; 1 F 26-45; andparents 45 and up. I will record five children as a result, and useSally & Susan for the girls names. Since I know of Jacob, Jr., Eliasand Peter, I will record these names, I question the others. No recordin 1830 in these counties for Jacob, Sr. & family; however record wasfound of Jacob Eller, Jr. who was married and had 1 M under 5, 1 Male60-70 (Who was probably Jacob, Sr.) living with them; and 1 femaleunder 5; and Jacob, Sr,(Jr. sic [ADE]) & wife both age 20-30. Jacob,Jr. and family was found in 1840 in Callaway Co., MO. In the 1850Census, Jacob, Jr. was listed as Jacob ELLA in error, Callaway Co.,MO.

Per Clarice V. Eller Stanley 11/20/1988. 
Eller, Jacob, Sr. Farmer (R:276, ID:) (I204)

Jane Standiford Eller's death recorded in Marshall Co., WV Book O, p.110, Nov 17, 1900 age 86/6/15, a widow, died at Lynn Camp and buriedMt. Joy Church Cemetery. Died of Erysipelas. This is an acute febriledisease with localized inflammation and swelling of skin andsubcutococcus infection; which causes fever, chills, nausea, vomiting;painful and warm skin; face and head lesions that are hot and red,etc. Description taken from "Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary.
Note this was in 1900, before the discovery of Penicillin, etc.

She lived with her youngest daughter, Catherine L.V. Eller Young andhusband Reason Young at Lynn Camp, Marshall Co. in her latter days.

STANDIFORD, Jayne (R:271, ID:) (I19)

John A. Robinson was son of Andrew & Mary Jane Robinson. This familywas living in Meade Dist.., Marshall Co1870 Census House # 98 Farmer
Robinson, Andrew 31 VA Andrews father foreign born
Mary Jane 30 VA
John 10 VA
Jacob 9 VA
Margaret 7 WV
Samuel F. 5 WV
William 4 WV
Rosanna B. 1 WV

Could not find this family in 1880 Census - Marshall Co.

Found record of death of JANE ROBINSON Marshall Co. Court Houserecords dated 24 Dec, 1925, widowed, in Liberty District. This mightbe Mary Jane above. She was age 83/11/12. 
ROBINSON, John A. (R:387, ID:) (I414)

John H. Stanley graduated from Wheeling, WV Central Catholic HighSchool in 1938, and served 1942-1946 in the U. S. Navy in the PacificArea during WWII. He was employed as a mill clerk bywheleling-Pittsburgh Steel and retired from the Yorkville, OH PlantSept 30 , 1983.
It may be of interest to note that John statred working for WheelingSteel Corp. at their Wheeling Corrugating Plant in East Wheeling,before the War and after his return, until this plant discontinuedoperations; and further, this was the former location of the HhitakerIron Co. where his father and grandfather before him had worked!

STANLEY, John Henry (R:28, ID:3.4.4) (I145)

John Thomas Eller had an Estate Settlement, Box 294, Bundle 1,Callaway Co., MO. Did not obtain copy of same. 
Eller, John Thomas (R:340, ID:) (I216)

Joseph Eller and wife Barbara were childless. His estate wasdistributed to his heirs, 17 Aug. 1871 by Miami County Court, naming 5sisters and numerous nieces and nephews. 
Eller, Joseph (R:308, ID:) (I213)
44 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. STANLEY, Lawrence John (R:76, ID:) (I147)

Margaret Eller married #1 Zacheus Kinsey b. 23 Dec 1810, d. 17 Dec1869. She married #2 John L. Dohner, widower of her sister Frances"Fannie", Fannie died 2 Sep. 1869 
Eller, Margaret (R:1867, ID:) (I238)

Marks Beigler's Will of 19 MAR 1787 " ... to my daughter ELIZABETHwife of HENRY ELLER the sum of six pounds lawful money of the State ofMaryland."
he was known as a Dunker of the Pipe Creek Congregation.

BIGLER, Mark (R:954, ID:) (I8)

Mary Magdalene (Unknown) w/o Peter Eller of West Bethlehem,Washington Co., PA, was probably Mary Magdalene SHIDLER. However sincethere are no marriage records for about 1804, it cannot be provenwithout a doubt. However, see notes on record of her husband PeterEller regarding the Estate Settlement of Catherine Shidler (a widow)dated 14 Dec, 1839, and referenced File "S" No 31, 1841, WashingtonCo., PA.

UNKNOWN, Mary Magdalene (R:326, ID:) (I233)
48 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Eller, Thaddeus "Thad" (R:214, ID:) (I294)

other spelling - RAY 
WRAY, Steven (R:1853, ID:) (I217)

Per Obit of her father Raymond "Doc" Clayton, 24 Feb 1993, Ann CaseyClayton is married to Gregory Wieis and resides in Pittsburgh, PA. Sheis a graduate of Law School.

Clayton, Ann Casey (R:946, ID:) (I472)

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