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The Goodspeed History of Tennessee says John and Thadius both served in the Confederate Army during the civil war. Both reportedly became ill and died in that conflict. 
TERRELL, Thadius (I16981)

[Family Tree.FTW]

According to Sophronia:

Louie and George planned on getting married. They attended the fair and would receive a free range if they got married at the fair before a crowd. They got married at the fair and received the free range.

(Source - Crane Cookbook, 1988) 
CRANE, Louise Elnor (I1014)

!Children named in Will of John 1752 except David;' birth dates and death
dates from old family Bible found by Larry Mikesell 111 N. 7th St. Mapleton
Iowa 51034. Child #1 info from Larry Mikesell. Marr of child #3 from marr
recs found by Larry Mikesell. Madien name of wife from research done by S.L.
Gen. Soc.. child #3 1850 census Utah. Jacob Mikesell b. 13 Sep 1797 is not a
son of this family as believed; he is son of Andrew, John's brother. 
MIKESELL, John (I1760)

Fred Kothe was born February 18, 1897 at Parkersburg, Iowa to Lewis and Lena Kothe. As young man he came to South Dakota. He was drafted into the United States Army on September 18, 1918 and was discharged on December 8, 1918
He was united in marriage to Nancy Eller on January 7, 1920 at Roswell, South Dakota. They lived on farms in the Fedora vicinity all their married life, until Febuary 1983 when he went to live at Firesteel Nursing Home in Mitchell, South Dakota. To this union three children were born.
He is survived by his widow, Nancy; two children, Dallas and Leora O'Neal both of Fedora, South Dakota; six grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren.
He was preceeded in death by his parents, three brothers, two sisters, and an infant daughter.

-- MERGED NOTE ------------

Fred Kothe was born February 18, 1897 at Parkersburg, Iowa to Lewis and Lena Kothe. As young man he came to South Dakota. He was drafted into the United States Army on September 18, 1918 and was discharged on December 8, 1918
He was united in marriage to Nancy Eller on January 7, 1920 at Roswell, South Dakota. They lived on farms in the Fedora vicinity all their married life, until Febuary 1983 when he went to live at Firesteel Nursing Home in Mitchell, South Dakota. To this union three children were born.
He is survived by his widow, Nancy; two children, Dallas and Leora O'Neal both of Fedora, South Dakota; six grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren.
He was preceeded in death by his parents, three brothers, two sisters, and an infant daughter. 
KOTHE, Fred Lewis (I12)

I was born on the South Dakota Plains,
where the wind blows a lot and it seldom rains.
It was in the year 1904,
and everyone was very poor.
I finished high school in '23,
quite an accomplishment for me.
I always got a good report card,
I wasn't too smart but I worked real hard.
I started farming in '25,
I could barely make enough to keep alive.
I worked 16 hours a day,
milking cows and pitching hay.
I lived way out in the sticks,
so all my meals to fix.
In '29 I married my wife,
quite an improvement in my life.
We were a mighty happy pair,
until the dust storms started blowing in our hair.
In '33 we moved to the Hoosier State,
I started standing outside the employment gate.
I was looking for someone who would employ
a man with a wife and a little boy.
I finally got inside the door
and I nearly stayed there for evermore.
Everything was going fine,
we got our daughter in '39.
Thirty-five years in the same old spot,
but during those years we traveled a lot.
We got the idea in '48,
that we would like to travel to every state.
We started out real close to home,
and every year later farther we'd roam.
We never seemed to have much dough,
but every vacation time off we'd go.
To some state we'd never been before.
and a few choice spots we wished to explore.
In '49 we traveled far,
that year we managed to buy a new car.
When at last every state we'd at least driven through,
someone up and added two.
I don't suppose we will ever see these,
but we sure have a lot of memories.
Now I live a leisurely life,
in our modest home with my little wife.
Many evenings we just set out in the breeze,
reliving some of our memories. 
ELLER, Oren Ray (I11)

OBITUARY -- Laura Jane Reynolds Eller
Laura Reynolds was born in Fayette county Iowa, May 15, 1880 and died in Mitchell, S.D. Jan. 1st, 1914, aged 33 years, 7 nonths and 16 days. She was married to James W. Eller Jan. 11th 1900, and to this union were born, seven children. Nancy Louisa born Oct. 2, 1900; William Henry, born Feb 13, 1902; Oren Ray, born Oct. 30, 1904; Susan Maria, born Sept, 12 1906; Ella May, born Jan 18, 1909; Joshua David, born July 18, 1911; Alfred Jacob, born Dec. 29, 1913.
Besides her imediate family she leaves her aged father, mother and five brothers (all in Montana) and a host of friends to mourn her loss.
We have lost our wife and mother,
She has bid us all adieu;
She has gone to live in Heaven,
And her form is lost to view.
Oh! that dear one, how we loved her;
Oh! how hard to give her up.
But the Angel came down for her
And removed her from our flock.
We ---wish to thank--- the good people of Fedora and vicinity for their many acts of kindness and expressions of simpathy during our great berevement. J.W. Eller and family 
REYNOLDS, Laura Jane (I1825)

Obituary of Mrs. Mable Ingalls Eller
Death brought to an end the patient suffering of Mrs. J.W. Eller Thursday January 11, 1934. Conscious of the fact that she could not get well, Mrs. Eller bore up bravely, and uncomplainingly until release from the body came.
It is said at any time to watch life's ebbing tide drifting the loved one slowly, perhaps, but surely into the great ocean of eternity, but when there comes a whispering: "Though I walk through the Valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for Thou are with me, Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me," it brings a balm to the wounded heart, and thus closed the life of this noble wife and mother.
Mable Ingalls was born in Sioux Falls, S.D., May 15, 1882 and at the time of her decease in Fedora was 51 years, 7 months and 26 days of age. When but six months old she was brought by her parents to their homestead in Miner County where she grew to womanhood.PP On March 2, 1904, Mable Ingalls was united in marriage to Alfred J. Eller. Two children, Archie and Theron came to make home life more interesting. Alfred Eller, the husband and father, departed this life Oct. 6, 1913. On April 14, 1915 she was united in marriage to J.W. Eller, a brother of her first husband. One child, Creta was born to the second union.
Among those surviving are her husband, J.W. Eller; Her Mother, Mrs. LaVilla Ingalls of Fedora; two sons and one daughter, Archie Eller and family and Theron and Creta Eller of Fedora; two sisters; Mrs. O.H. Buttemeier and family of Roswell; Mrs. A.C. Mathies and family of Griswold, Iowa; two brothers, Rollin Ingalls and family and Floyd Ingalls of Faulkton, S.D. Also seven children of Mr. J.W. Eller's by a previous marriage. They are Mrs. Fred Kothe and family, Mrs Chauncey Earls and family, Mr and Mrs Joshua Eller, William and Alfred Eller of Fedora; Oren Eller and family of Laport, Ind. and Mrs Ray Robinson and family of Sanator, S.D.
Her faithfulness and devotion to all the children will linger as a precious heritage with them until the end of their sojourn here.
Funeral services were conducted Sunday in the Prsbyterian church of Fedora and were in charge of the Rev. E.E. Whiteside, pastor of the Methodist churches in Howard and Vilas. A large number of relatives and friends were present and flowers in profusion were sent in token of respect. The pallbearers were Archie and Theron Eller, William, Joshua and Alfred Eller and Chauncey Earles. The funeral hymns were "The Old Rugged Cross," "Beautiful River," and "God Be With You Till We Meet Again," and were sang by Dave Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Fay Pooley, Mrs. Orvis Foster, and Mrs. Harvey Bennett, With Miss Lois Sougstad at the piano.
Burial was made in the Fedora cemetery.

To My Mother by Creta Eller
Yet thou are not forgotten,
Thou have passed beyond our way.
Thou have always been so faithful
But now before us lay.
But we're all so sad and sorrowful
But we know it for the best.
Thou have passed away so restfully,
to the eternal land of rest.

We wish to express our sincere thanks to the friends, relatives and neighbors for their kind acts and deeds shown us during the illness and death of our dear wife, daughter, mother and sister.
J.W. Eller and children, Mrs. La Villa Ingalls, Mr. and Mrs. O.H. Buttemeier, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Matthies, Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Ingalls, Mr. Floyd Ingalls. 
INGALLS, Mable Lucinda (I62)

SS death index

ADRIAN ELLER 5 May 1923 Apr 1978 53704 Madison, WI 53716 Madison, WI 393-18-8170 WI (Before 1951) 
ELLER, Adrian Wilber (I692)
Attended William Jewell College in Missouri, but did not finish as he went into the family businesses. He owned several businesses of his own over his life span, including a bakery in Moberly. He was also Moberly City Clerk for awhile. He was a stockbroker at the time of the 1929 crash and lost everything he had in savings (over $50,000). As he was age 57 at the time, he never recovered financially, but seemed to take this philosophically. His son, John, was attending Yale at the time of the crash, and had to get out and work to put himself through the rest of his PhD. degree by pounding rails for the railroad. During WWII, Lloyd went back to work to aid the war effort as a machinist in a factory. He had learned this trade in his father's machine shop and haystacker factory. He was past 70, and the other men called him "Pop". He looked like a Dutchman, with his white mustache, stocky build, and pipe that drooped down from his mouth. He had a great sense of humor. He worked so well at the factory that the other men complained that he was making them look bad by turning out more items than they were. His supervisor told him to go ahead and make as many as he wanted, and he would set some aside for a rainy day (which never came) on a separate set of books, keeping everyone happy. Lloyd never knew how to do less than his best on any job. He was fiercely independent and lived by himself until about 6 months before his death, just short of his 95th birthday, in the same house his children were born in, doing his own cooking, etc. He had a sharp, clear mind to the last, helping much in this genealogy. He didn't last long when put in a nursing home, which he dreaded. (Wayland) 
WAYLAND, Lloyd Lowery (I17377)
Solomon Terrell is listed as Wake County officer "First Major" in 1796. (Justices and Military officers of NC, p.197) Both he and his father are mentioned in Revolutionary war Army accounts (Vol.IX, p.84, Folio 3). 
TERRELL, Solomon (I9389)
According to his obituary, John Thomas Paynter had seven children. Six were still alive at his death. The six named here are named in his will. We do not know the name of the seventh child.
There was some confusion over John L. Paynter. He apparently went by his middle name: Lillian. And we were confused and thought him to be female. 
PAYNTER, Unknown (I17612)
Elsewhere, his date of death is given as 21 Feb 1895. He was unmarried. (Wayland) 
TERRILL, Samuel George (I17356)
He went by the name of "Green". See his biography in the "History of Randolph Co., MO.", 1920, p. 382. He later separated from his wife and moved in with his brother, Vint. His wife moved to the Southwest U.S. (Wayland) 
TERRILL, Robert Greene (I17366)
14 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. AGNER, Peggy Joyce (I3795)
Fought for Confederacy in Civil War and was wounded. Walked with a limp for the rest of his life. Became a banker, and was called "Judge" for some reason. Unknown if this was honorary, or if he was a judge at one time. Had no children. Left his money to his niece, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Terrill (#2704), dtr. of his brother John Robert. Was probably named after his uncle Arthur Parker, the first husband of Elizabeth Terrill (his father's sister). (Wayland) 
TERRILL, Arthur Parker (I17355)
John R. worked on his father's farm in Missouri until he came of age and then went in the company of Capt. William Roberts (relative?) and others to Calif. by the overland route, and, including the time he spent in the mines, was two years making the trip. He returned in the summer of 1852 by way of the Isthmus and New York. After spending two years with his father, he made another trip to Calif., overland, taking some cattle, and returned the next year by the same route as before. Gives marriage to Anne E. Roberts and says that he established himself on a farm which had previously been owned by Jehu Pyle, and he was still living there at the time of the biography in 1881. It says that he owned 400 acres, 330 in cultivation, and a good two story house and outbuildings, 200 apple and 100 peach trees, plus grapes. Gives death of his wife and lists his nine children by name. It further states that "Mr. Terrill is a man of winning address and much ability; he takes a warm interest in all educational matters and has carried his views into practice in the training of his children; a member of the Morality Lodge, N. 186, A.F. & A.M." The "History of Randolph County", 1920, also has a short biography on John Robert. It states that he lived on the same farm in Randolph Co. for 50 years. It is said that he got the money for his farm in Missouri through making a strike in the '49 California gold rush. (Above provided by W. Wayland) 
TERRILL, John Robert (I17350)
Lewis was an accountant for several firms in Northern Virginia. 
PAYNTER, Lewis Thomas (I42)
Some give her father as William Richmond. The name Richmond is popular for generations of Terrills thereafter, mostly in America. Some give her first name as Margaret. This may be the royalty line, which is no longer thought possible. 
UNKNOWN, Elizabeth (I17337)
The name is also shown as Maria Eva GOETTGE and Mary Eva GOTTGEN. And Ruth Goodman (112 Brookwood, Rockingham, NC 28379) lists her as Mary Eve Ketchie, daughter of Hannes Ketchie. There is little doubt these are the same person. We apparently not the first to have difficulty spelling German names.
Whatever the case, her nickname was apparently "Ketchey." There is some dispute among Eller historians about Jacob's daughter, Eve Eller. Janine Eller Porter says she is a daughter of Jacob by his second wife (which is what we show here). Ruth Goodman (in the Feb 93 "Chronicles") says she also believes Eve is a daughter of the second wife. Apparently, earlier published efforts have suggested she is a daughter of the first wife, Maria Eva Getchey. Ruth Goodman, however, believes daughter Elizabeth is also by the second wife. 
GETCHEY, Maria Elizabeth "Eva" (I3366)
"History of Randolph and Macon Counties, 1881" says that she was born in Kentucky but grew up and was educated in Missouri, and lists children and their spouses. She is not shown in the family on 1850 Randolph Co. MO census, having been married in Oct. of 1850. (Wayland) 
TERRILL, Mary Elizabeth (I17352)
"Jim" was a farmer. Lula taught at Terrill School south of Moberly, MO. They had no children. (Wayland) 
TERRILL, James Milton (I17364)
A farmer in Halifax County. 
SAUNDERS, Jacob R. (I16699)
A John D. Terrell, quoted by Emma Dicken (p.61-62), says Joel Terrell was his Grandfather and that his Grandfather's brothers were John, James & Timothy. To date, that is the best evidence for listing Joel as a son of William of Hanover. Joel was born in Hanover, but moved to King William County when he became of age. Later, that part of King William was made into Caroline County. Joel received considerable land from his Father. Along with his Brother-in-law, David Lewis, he also patented land in Albemarle and Goochland. 
TERRELL, Joel (I1613)
According to historian Don C. Terrell ("The Terrell Family, 1988), William Terrell served in the American revolution. 
TERRELL, Jr., William (I1585)
According to Ms. Peggy Troutman (Salisbury, NC), this John Melchor Eller was married three or four times. Ms. Kesler was the last wife. She says there were five children and that she is uncertain which children are by which wife.
There is some confusion between this John Melcher Eller and John Melker Eller (RIN 3398) who is the son of Immigrant John Melker Eller (RIN 0914). Ms. Troutman shows this configuration and we believe the best evidence supports her. 
ELLER, John Melcher ,II (I1081)
Alice Marie Howe attended the University of Indiana where she studied mathamatics. At the age of 23 she married Charles Eller immediately prior to his entrance into Dental School.
In 1907 she and Charles moved to Albuquerque, NM, in part due to her fragile health. She had three children, and was never able to regain her health completely. She died in Albuquerque at the age of 74. She was known to her grandchildren as "Nanny", and is remembered for her beauty, her elegance and sound "Mid-Western" judgement. (By Kirk Graham) 
HOWE, Alice Marie (I3689)
From other sources, including the family Bible, a birth date of 1854 is given. But since we are relatively certain that is the year his sister was born (from her tombstone), we are going with the date on his tombstone.
According to John A. Terrell Junior, Thaddeus suffered from "malaria fever" and decided to move away from the swampy land around the Hyco Creek. He sold his land there and moved to Lunenburg County, Virginia. 
TERRELL, Thaddeus Thomas (I33)
28 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. TERRELL, Thaddeus Haney (Thad) , Jr. (I2503)
I have many found memories of Anne, my grandmother. She was a classy lady.
I have seen her middle name also listed as "Coates", rather than "Calvin". Her brother, Vincent, had the middle name of Calvin. A note from Lloyd gives marriage date as 25 Jun 1901. (Wayland) 
TERRILL, Anne Calvin (I17376)
In 1820, Williamson Terrell moved with his step-father to Vernon, Indiana, but later returned to Kentucky and went into business with his brothers. They moved about 1828-30 to Columbus, Indiana, and continued the business there. He edited a newspaper and was in the lower house of the Indiana legislature for two terms. He then entered the ministry of the Methodist Church. He received his DD degree from Indiana State University. (Dicken, p.203) 
TERRELL, Williamson (I7986)
In addition to the land he apparently inherited from his father in Henrico County, he purchased 60 acres of land along Bluestone Creek in Charlotte County, Virginia, in 1777. In a small way, it supports the possibility his brother Henry is our Henry in Lunenburg since it suggests this generation of sons was moving to counties South of Henrico.
Roger Cocke Bailey enlisted in the Revolutionary army in 1781 as a Corporal in Cpt. James Gunn's company of Virginia Regulars from Charlotte County (Virginia Colonial Militia, Crozier, Henrico County, 1774-1782). 
BAILEY, Roger Cocke (I2542)
It seems likely Casper is Johann Kaspar Eller. According to J.G. Eller of the "Eller Family Association" in an address to the EFA Family Conference in Portland, Oregon, 1993, there is "...no evidence that he [Casper] came to America." This is also the view of EFA historian Ruth E. Goodman (112 N. Brookwood Ave., Rockingham, NC 28379). Both show Casper as Melker and Jacob Eller Senior's father.
There is considerable belief that Christian Eller (RIN #00767) is a third son of Casper Eller (and that Hook's speculation of Michael Eller as the father of Christian is incorrect). There is a Kaspar Eller marriage on 09 May 1751 (perhaps a second marriage?) to Elizabeth HAGEBOELLINGS at Evangelish, Remlingrade, Rheinland, Preussen. The location doesn't appear to match what little we know of "our" Casper. 
ELLER, George Paul Casper (I3365)
John A. Terrell Jr. believes the Boley family were Quakers. 
BOLEY, Benjamin (I1560)
John Paynter of Norfolk was awarded Arms July 11, 1609. 
PAYNTER, John (I17564)
35 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PAYNTER, Leonard Leon (I68)
Mary has married and has children and has died by 1785. 
EDWARDS, Mary (I16002)
Mays moved from North Carolina to Grayson County, Virginia, about 1788-89. But then moved to Knox County, Kentucky. In 1820 he was in Whitley County (which had been formed in 1818 from Knox County so we assume the family didn't move, but that the area they lived in simply became a new county). 
MAYS, William "Billy" (I9391)
Robert and Ann sailed from England to Barbados in 1630, where he became a merchant.
In 1630, there was a Church dispute in the Southampton Tribe (Parish) in Barbados. Apparently some of the women in the Church were unhappy with their seats. So, on 17 Feb 1630, Robert Paynter was appointed to re-asign the womens' seats, with Mrs. Paynter to have the first choice. (Virginia Magazine of History & Biography) 
PAYNTER, Robert (I17550)
39 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ADAMS, Ronald Rogers (I17499)
Ron Adams offers a wedding date of 14 Apr 1857. 
ELLINGTON, Elizabeth Frances (I237)
Served with Gen. Morgan in Kentucky during the Civil War (Confederacy), killed in action. Reference: "History of Randolph County", 1920. (Wayland) 
TERRILL, Robert Nathaniel Green (I17353)
She burried behind the family home which still stands on Rt. 669 in Baskerville, VA. 
LETT, Faithy H. (I17626)
Sir Edward Montague, of Boughton, Lord Chief Justice of England, a descendent of the second marriage of Joan Plantagenet, daughter of Edward I & Eleanor of Castile. 
MONTAGUE, Edward of (I1658)
Stephen and his brother George are listed as Revolutionary war soldiers by the North Carolina D.A.R. (p.364). 
WILLIS, Stephen (I4862)
The marrage to Elizabeth Shackleford lists Philip Baynes as the bondsman. We believe Philip is Eaton Baynes' brother. If that is the case, it makes him the brother also to Thornton Baynes; and all sons to John Baynes Sr.
That is also the conclusion of Stephen Wall who has provided considerable information on the Baynes family. 
BAYNES, Eaton (I1573)
The only connection we have for Jemima as a child of Richard C. Terrell is the listing of Richard C. as surity on the marriage.
Jamima was widowed fairly early and is believed to have lived with one of her children until her death after 1830. 
TERRELL, Jemima (I1679)
This John Baynes was a revolutionary war soldier. He filed for compensation after the war in Perry County, IL. 
BAYNES, John , Jr. (I16188)
Thomas Powers, noted in the 1820 Mecklenburg County census might be a son of Benjamin Powers. 
POWERS, Benjamin M. (I788)
Was a teacher. Never married. Died of TB about age 50. (Wayland) 
TERRILL, Lolah (I17361)
We are not certain of Mary's last name. Linda Banwarth, who's done considerable research, offers the speculation of the name Daniel. 
DANIELS, Mary (I16001)

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