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Register for the 2021 EFA Conference
July 14-18, 2021 Hayesville, NC

The 2021 Eller Family Association conference is right around the corner. Have you registered and made room arrangements?

This year’s conference will be at the Hinton Rural Life Center in Hayesville, NC from July 14th thru the 18th. It will include presentations, a business meeting and time to socialize.

Registration can be made on THIS FORM. It also includes a schedule of events.

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Last minute registration can be accomplished on site and at the door for Saturday events/presentations in Moore Hall (located within the Lodge at the Hinton Center).

All of the 2021 Eller Family Conference meetings will be held at the Nadine Johnson Retreat House common areas at The Hinton Center in Hayesville, NC (across Lake Chatuge from Hiawassee, Ga). However, the Johnson Retreat House lodging has been fully booked for the conference.

Other nearby options include: Deerfield Inn (828-389-8272), Lake Chatuge Lodge (800-613-4349), Ridges Resort (706-896-2262), Chatuge Mountain Inn (828-389-3000), Holiday Inn Express (888-465-4329). There are numerous camp grounds in the area that are on the lake with nice views. The Hinton Center also has several camping spots...call for availability and pricing (828- 389-8336).


The purpose of the Eller Family Association is to draw all Ellers, regardless of their particular family line, and allied families into a cooperative effort. The EFA has already demonstrated that this approach is the quickest and most efficient mechanism for sharing family history and genealogical information.

About the Eller Family Association

The EFA exists to assist all Eller and associated family lines worldwide to: discover and preserve our historical past, report current events and ongoing contributions, develop and expand current family ties, provide ongoing biennial meetings to summarize accomplishments and to socialize and provide inspired direction as we focus on the future.

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About this Website

Our Eller Family Association website includes searchable information gathered from members across the country. As of December 2020 we have:

You can start by looking for a specific person using the search feature. Or you can review what's been added to the site recently by clicking on "What's New." We also try to respond to inquiries posted on our Facebook page.

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Eller Descendant Killed in D-Day Invasion

PFC Harry DeWitt of Deleware County, Indiana, was killed in the D-Day invasion in Normandy, France. He was in the 29th Infantry Division, 116th Infantry Regiment, Company B. 

PFC DeWittHe was a descendant of Christian Eller/Ohler through his son George and George's Grand-daughter Susan Elizabeth "Betsy" Eller.  His full genealogy can be found here.

The first boats from his company hit the beach at as part of a second wave on June 7th, the day after D-Day. There are records which say he died on June 7th and other records which say he died on June 17th, after his unit pushed inland near Vierville.

Unit records say the sea had been so rough throughout the journey that all hands had had to bail with their helmets in order to keep the boats afloat. They were little affected by the enemy fire until the ramps were dropped; then automatic fire from both flanks broke around the B-Company boat exits. The men jumped into neck-high water and started ashore. As it happened, the boat had come into the coast directly confronting a small cover. The beach was strewn with heavy boulders and could be traversed only with extreme difficulty.

They joined a group of Rangers at the cove and fought with them all day long helping them destroy the German positions around the fortified house and in the emplacements at the top of the cliff. There were 28 of them in all. After mopping-up the German trenches, they stayed at the second hedgerow beyond the cliff when they were ordered to rejoin the Battalion in its bivouac near Vierville.

Harry J DeWitt is buried or memorialized at Plot H Row 18 Grave 16, Normandy American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, France.


Eller Obituaries

We've now added an obituary page for Eller descendants to the EFA website . Please advise the Editor of the Chronicles and/or the EFA Websmaster of additions or corrections.

[ 2021 Obits | 2020 Obits | Earlier Obits ]

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Road Work at Old Smyrna Cemetery

Efforts to make access to the “Old Smyrna Cemetery” in Towns County, Georgia, are progressing.  Steve Eller of the Eller Family Association has been encouraging both the County and Forest Service to help with the almost impassable road.

He reports Towns County has started work on the east-west section of Charlie's Creek Road. It should be in decent shape during our family conference in July. He also reports he received an email from the Forest Service and was informed that they would be working on the road from Charlie's Creek to Old Smyrna Cemetery in mid-June.

Steve has been coordinating efforts to clean up the cemetery and repair some of the broken stones.  There has already been a workday there and he hopes to have another workday at the cemetery after the roads are completed. He asks those in the area to save June 26th on your schedule if you can.


The first "Old Smyrna Cemetery Workday" was November 14th. Leon Berrong and his daughter had made a trip into the cemetery several month ago and cleared some underbrush and small trees.

The crew finished clearing the entire cemetery and worked to clear turn around areas for vehicles.

The new sign was installed and we will return to paint after the treated lumber has time to dry out.

It was a very productive day. Thanks to all who showed up to work and those who donated money for the sign.

The "Old Smyrna Cemetery" was heavily overgrown with some headstones damaged. It is the resting place for several of our ancestors including Hardy Washington and Joseph Jacob Eller.

New Research on George Eller Jr.'s Family

EFA member Donn Koenig has been doing extensive research on the genealogy of the George Eller, Junior line. Donn has completed work five of George’s nine children and plans to continue to the remaining four. The five completed research materials, totaling more than 1,600 people, are posted on the Eller Family Association website (see links to his research below).

George Eller, Jr. (1777-1851) is the son of Rev. George Eller (1754-1808) and his wife Christiana Sanger Yost (1755-1844), Rev George Eller was the son of immigrant Christian Eller/Ohler (1724-1804).

John Eller Research | Wilkerson Eller Research | Harrison Eller Research
George Washington Eller Research | Betsy Eller Research

Donn began this research during Covid when he had free time. He says he was pleasantly surprised that Ancestry.com had much more primary data than when he previously had researched these lines. We should note that Ancestry.com requires a paid membership.

George Jr. and his wife Polly raised their family in Kentucky and some in the first generation moved on to Texas. These two states. Donn says, are great for following family lines using state and county records that can go through about 2000.

In later generations, other lines moved out of Kentucky, mainly to the factory towns and farms of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Once there, Donn observes, they were much harder to follow.

A good resource, he suggests, is the Find-a-Grave website (free to use) that often includes pictures and obituaries, and which can have information on children and grandchildren of the deceased as well as parents and siblings. 

In his research, Donn addresses the question of whether George Junior’s daughters Betsy and Susan Elizabeth are the same person. His conclusion: they are not. [Full Story]

Jacob Eller line (Roanoke Ellers) DNA

dna graphicWe are looking for a male descendant of Jacob Eller of the Roanoke Ellers who is willing to submit his DNA for the Eller Family Project at Family Tree DNA.

The EFA will pay for the DNA kit and for the DNA test.


Ellers Buried at Arlington
National Cemetery

There are nine Ellers burried in Arlington National Cemetery. Two are the wives of men buried there. Of the remaining seven, four are linked to Ellers in our EFA database. The other three appear to be from lines that trace back to later Eller immigrants.

Donald Temple Eller (1906-1994)
Charles O. Eller (1922-1995)
Charles Ray Eller (1944-2008)
Jacob Aswell Eller (1914-1944)
  Edwin C. Eller (1899-1943)
Robert Lloyd Eller (1886-1958)
Jerome Eller (1925-1987)
Jeptha "Jep" Tanksley (1920-1996)

Board Nominations in Advance

Some nominations have already been made for EFA officers and board members, but any member can nominate someone. Any nominations made will be reviewed by a nomination committee prior to the EFA Conference in July and presented to the membership at the Member Meeting held at the Conference.

Nominations from the floor are allowed as well, but prior nomination is preferred. Send nominations to Ed Eller, Secretary/Treasurer (kermiteller38@gmail.com).


Updating the Jacob Eller Book

group at update meeting

Thanks to everyone that turned out on November 6th at the Hiawassee Historical Society for our Eller Family Event. Thanks to Sandra Green, Ed Eller, Jerry Taylor and Jerry Kendall for your time and help today. We gained a lot of family information to update the John Jacob Eller and His Descendant Book.

It's not to late to add your information. Contact Steve Eller at ellerpop1@yahoo.com. We are looking for dates of birth, places of birth, marriages and place of marriage and any burial location for those who have passed on.


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