Eller Family Association

We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?, Mary  Oct 1864North Carolina I14479 Jacob Eller 
2 ANDERSON, John  27 Jan 1881North Carolina I9280 Jacob Eller 
3 BARNETT, William  1747North Carolina I6984 Christian Eller 
4 BREEDLOVE, Luiza Jane  27 Sep 1847North Carolina I16052 Christian Eller 
5 BUCKNER, Gypsie Jane  18 Apr 1893North Carolina I907 Jacob Eller 
6 BUCKNER, Orah  Abt 1818North Carolina I13897 Jacob Eller 
7 BURCH, Esco  1899North Carolina I13138 Jacob Eller 
8 BURCH, Nettie  1900North Carolina I13139 Jacob Eller 
9 Childers, Susie Ann  6 Mar 1891North Carolina I11766 George Michael Eller 
10 COWARD, Margaret  Aug 1837North Carolina I10950 Christian Eller 
11 COWARD, Margaret  18 Aug 1837North Carolina I5918 Jacob Eller 
12 DENTON, Martha A.  1816North Carolina I5879 Jacob Eller 
13 DENTON, Rachel Elmira  1846North Carolina I7042 Jacob Eller 
14 ELLER, Alfred  3 Mar 1879North Carolina I6243 Jacob Eller 
15 ELLER, Alfred  3 Mar 1879North Carolina I14951 Jacob Eller 
16 Eller, Alice  Abt 1859North Carolina I1352 Jacob Eller 3  
17 Eller, Anna  1858North Carolina I1463 Jacob Eller 3  
18 ELLER, Anna L.  1857North Carolina I6485 Jacob Eller 
19 ELLER, Cleo Donald  19 Apr 1904North Carolina I719 Jacob Eller 
20 Eller, Clerisa  Aug 1880North Carolina I2114 Jacob Eller 3  
21 Eller, Elizabeth  19 Sep 1846North Carolina I2057 Jacob Eller 3  
22 ELLER, Elizabeth "Betty"  1850North Carolina I6482 Jacob Eller 
23 Eller, Irvin L  Apr 1883North Carolina I2115 Jacob Eller 3  
24 Eller, Jacob  1831North Carolina I815 Jacob Eller 3  
25 ELLER, James Mc (McCarty)  23 Jul 1811North Carolina I3809 Christian Eller 
26 ELLER, John Melcher (Michael, Melker, Melchior) Sr.  1856North Carolina I31 Jacob Eller 
27 ELLER, Joseph  1854North Carolina I6484 Jacob Eller 
28 ELLER, Joseph "Joe"  1806North Carolina I4161 Christian Eller 
29 ELLER, Mary Ann  3 Dec 1812North Carolina I3902 Christian Eller 
30 ELLER, Mary J.  8 Jun 1847North Carolina I6480 Jacob Eller 
31 ELLER, Nancy  1852North Carolina I6483 Jacob Eller 
32 Eller, Obadia  Dec 1884North Carolina I2116 Jacob Eller 3  
33 Eller, Peter III  Abt 1807North Carolina I809 Jacob Eller 3  
34 ELLER, Sarah "Swip"  1859North Carolina I6486 Jacob Eller 
35 ELLER, Ulyssus LaVerne  9 Mar 1933North Carolina I1090 Jacob Eller 
36 FIELDS, Elizabeth "Betsy"  24 Feb 1796North Carolina I8 Jacob Eller 
37 FORE, Andrew  Abt 1858North Carolina I13948 Jacob Eller 
38 FORE, Archibald  Abt 1810North Carolina I13898 Jacob Eller 
39 FORE, Emma  Abt 1854North Carolina I13944 Jacob Eller 
40 FORE, Franklin  Abt 1852North Carolina I13947 Jacob Eller 
41 FORE, George W.  Abt 1851North Carolina I13943 Jacob Eller 
42 FORE, Harriett Eliza  5 Aug 1843North Carolina I13922 Jacob Eller 
43 FORE, Joseph Pickens  14 Sep 1847North Carolina I13927 Jacob Eller 
44 FORE, Louisa  Abt 1857North Carolina I13925 Jacob Eller 
45 FORE, Margaret Maline  20 Jul 1844North Carolina I13906 Jacob Eller 
46 FORE, Martha Elizabeth  12 Jul 1846North Carolina I13907 Jacob Eller 
47 FORE, Mary  Abt 1859North Carolina I13949 Jacob Eller 
48 FORE, Nancy J.  Abt 1850North Carolina I13908 Jacob Eller 
49 FORE, Robert  May 1864North Carolina I13941 Jacob Eller 
50 FORE, William A.  11 Jul 1838North Carolina I13905 Jacob Eller 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CARTER, Andrew Jackson  8 Dec 1941North Carolina I14386 Jacob Eller 
2 Eller, Peter  07 Nov 1872North Carolina I157 George Michael Eller 
3 FORE, Archibald  North Carolina I13898 Jacob Eller 
4 FORE, Harriett Eliza  25 Mar 1912North Carolina I13922 Jacob Eller 
5 HARRISON, Elizabeth  North Carolina I1892 Christian Eller 
6 NESBITT, Sarah M.  28 Apr 1874North Carolina I16040 Christian Eller 
7 ROBERTS, James E. Roberts  22 Oct 1864North Carolina I4814 Jacob Eller 
8 TERRELL, Frances  North Carolina I1840 Christian Eller 
9 WOOD, Birdie Alma  4 Mar 1964North Carolina I12956 Jacob Eller 
10 WOOD, Samuel Earnest  30 Jan 1969North Carolina I12959 Jacob Eller 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ERWIN / TERRELL  1822North Carolina F1725 Christian Eller 
2 GRIFFIN / TERRELL  1790North Carolina F1730 Christian Eller 
3 MAYS / EVANS  24 Feb 1814North Carolina F6413 Christian Eller 
4 STARKEY / DEEDS   F53455 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch)