Eller Family Association

We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARROWOOD, Flora Mae  25 Jul 1943Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I10295 Jacob Eller 
2 ARROWOOD, Lorraine  2 Aug 1941Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I10294 Jacob Eller 
3 ARROWOOD, Lougene  11 Jan 1929Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I10290 Jacob Eller 
4 BECK, Doyle Jackson  4 Oct 1929Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I17031 Jacob Eller 
5 BERRONG, Edwin Jackson   I7393 Jacob Eller 
6 Berrong, Millard Alonzo  20 Sep 1897Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I17068 Jacob Eller 
7 BERRONG, Nannie Elizabeth "Lizzie"  28 Apr 1917Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I7655 Jacob Eller 
8 BRADSHAW, Gerald Leon   I7392 Jacob Eller 
9 BRADSHAW, Jackie Morris   I7391 Jacob Eller 
10 BRADSHAW, Melissa Shawn   I7660 Jacob Eller 
11 DENTON, Ruth Elois  9 Feb 1927Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I7145 Jacob Eller 
12 ELLER, Dorothy  19 Jan 1925Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I6369 Jacob Eller 
13 ELLER, Fred Silas LeeAnder  28 Mar 1902Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I10360 Christian Eller 
14 ELLER, Fred Silas LeeAnder  28 Mar 1902Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I5951 Jacob Eller 
15 ELLER, Herman Jesse  12 Jun 1906Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I6577 Jacob Eller 
16 ELLER, Janice Elaine  28 Jul 1953Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I10529 Jacob Eller 
17 ELLER, Kenneth Rudy  2 May 1944Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I13562 Jacob Eller 
18 GARRETT, Kenneth  20 May 1930Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16927 Jacob Eller 
19 Ledford, Cordelia Jane  21 May 1919Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16585 Jacob Eller 
20 Ledford, Lawrence Kay  8 Jan 1916Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16583 Jacob Eller 
21 Ledford, Lura Jean  8 Jun 1921Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16586 Jacob Eller 
22 Ledford, Poe Henry  17 Dec 1927Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16588 Jacob Eller 
23 Ledford, William Bee Sr.  27 May 1917Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16584 Jacob Eller 
24 MANEY, Charles Lee  10 Jul 1947Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I9646 Jacob Eller 
25 MANEY, Esta Neta  1 Sep 1912Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I17004 Jacob Eller 
26 MANEY, Mazelle Lillian  18 Jan 1922Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I7127 Jacob Eller 
27 NICHOLSON, Barbara Jean   I10253 Christian Eller 
28 NICHOLSON, Barbara Jean   I6837 Jacob Eller 
29 NICHOLSON, Ella Gertrude   I10254 Christian Eller 
30 NICHOLSON, Ella Gertrude   I6876 Jacob Eller 
31 Sanders, Cecil Charlie "JR" Jr.  6 Feb 1931Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16293 Jacob Eller 
32 Sanders, Dale Sherman  6 Feb 1939Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I17053 Jacob Eller 
33 Sanders, Jerry Lee  19 Mar 1943Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I17054 Jacob Eller 
34 SHOOK, Hersie Marie  18 Feb 1919Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I9279 Jacob Eller 
35 SHOOK, Irma Dicey  9 Dec 1914Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I9276 Jacob Eller 
36 SHOOK, Jon Cartis  3 Jul 1916Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I9277 Jacob Eller 
37 SPIVA, William Aaron  20 Sep 1882Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I8032 Jacob Eller 
38 TAYLOR, Johnny Frank  4 May 1940Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I7198 Jacob Eller 
39 WILSON, ClydeThomas Sr.  1 Aug 1897Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I10091 Jacob Eller 
40 WOOD, J. Fain  19 Nov 1913Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I10317 Jacob Eller 
41 YOUNGBLOOD, Clarence James "Buster"  22 May 1953Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16057 Jacob Eller 
42 [Unknown], Brenda L.  17 Oct 1961Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16108 Jacob Eller 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARROWOOD, Ervin Vaughn Sr.  18 Aug 1981Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I9393 Jacob Eller 
2 ARROWOOD, Flora Mae  9 Feb 2018Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I10295 Jacob Eller 
3 ARROWOOD, Lorraine  19 Jan 2020Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I10294 Jacob Eller 
4 BECK, Reba  6 May 2001Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I12472 Jacob Eller 
5 BERRONG, Nannie Elizabeth "Lizzie"  8 Jun 1998Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I7655 Jacob Eller 
6 BERRONG, Winford Andrew "Wint"  7 Nov 2002Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I12987 Jacob Eller 
7 BRADSHAW, Decatur Thurman  12 Oct 1989Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I7304 Jacob Eller 
8 BURRELL, Bessie M.  24 Sep 1999Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I17018 Jacob Eller 
9 CHASTAIN, Reba  11 Oct 2020Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I7448 Jacob Eller 
10 Cowart, Ruthie Ann Virginia Lillie Etta Texas  29 Apr 1946Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16815 Jacob Eller 
11 ELLER, Aud Grady  9 May 1981Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I6110 Jacob Eller 
12 ELLER, Eddie Ray (Twin)  8 May 1985Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I6818 Jacob Eller 
13 ELLER, Floyd Ray  27 Apr 1978Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I7762 Jacob Eller 
14 ELLER, Isaac  30 Jun 1986Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I5842 Jacob Eller 
15 ELLER, Kenneth Rudy  30 Mar 2019Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I13562 Jacob Eller 
16 ELLER, Lawrence  1 Dec 1988Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I7899 Jacob Eller 
17 ELLER, Mary Ann  17 Jul 1923Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I5874 Jacob Eller 
18 ELLER, Maude  2 Sep 1966Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I12642 Jacob Eller 
19 GARRETT, James Terrell  29 Nov 2020Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I9819 Jacob Eller 
20 Hogsed, Edith Angeline "Aunt Ned"  1 Jan 2021Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I7831 Jacob Eller 
21 KIRBY, Velza Mae  23 Aug 2020Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I7547 Jacob Eller 
22 McNabb, Donald Gene  11 Nov 2004Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16776 Jacob Eller 
23 MOSS, Jack J.  13 Sep 2020Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I10856 Jacob Eller 
24 NICHOLS, James Willis  31 Dec 2007Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I6283 Jacob Eller 
25 NICHOLSON, Lula Mae  11 Jun 2020Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I9310 Jacob Eller 
26 Noblet, Mary Rachel  7 Jul 2020Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16077 Jacob Eller 
27 Owenby, Martha Louisa "Mattie"  6 Dec 1944Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I13219 Jacob Eller 
28 Sanders, Cecil Charlie "JR" Jr.  22 Sep 2019Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16293 Jacob Eller 
29 Sanders, Dale Sherman  27 Dec 2012Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I17053 Jacob Eller 
30 Sanders, Dora Laversie  9 May 1937Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I17049 Jacob Eller 
31 Sanders, Jerry Lee  1 Jun 2013Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I17054 Jacob Eller 
32 Sanders, William Elliott  5 Aug 2016Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I17051 Jacob Eller 
33 SHOOK, Irene J.  27 Mar 2005Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I17002 Jacob Eller 
34 TAYLOR, Johnny Frank  23 Apr 2020Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I7198 Jacob Eller 
35 TRULOVE, Lottie Belle  19 Jan 2021Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I7132 Jacob Eller 
36 WILSON, ClydeThomas Sr.  27 Mar 1977Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I10091 Jacob Eller 
37 YOUNGBLOOD, Everett Don  14 Dec 1992Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I12429 Jacob Eller 
38 YOUNGBLOOD, Oscar Lewis Sr.  26 Mar 1984Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I12430 Jacob Eller 
39 [Unknown], Brenda L.  31 Dec 2010Hiawassee, Towns County, Georgia I16108 Jacob Eller 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BRADSHAW / LEDFORD   F2618 Jacob Eller 
2 BRADSHAW / MCCLURE   F2617 Jacob Eller 
3 Stratton / ELLER   F1522 Jacob Eller