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We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

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Successful Conference

August 4, 2017
We had a great conference in Salisbury, North Carolina in July. Some 40 people attended at least some part of the conference. Look for details and photos in the upcoming Chronicles. We also have some photos online here. Special thanks to John Eller for helping put together such a great event.

New Editor

August 3, 2017
At the Conference Dan Liggett agreed to be the new editor of The Chronicles. We thank him and we salute Randy Poplin who's been an outstanding editor over the last several years. Dan asks that you remember to provide his with articles for upcoming issues. He also plans to re-publish articles that appeared in earlier editions of our quarterly publication.

Welcome New Members

July 30, 2017
At the Conference in Salisbury, we added new members to the association: Dean and Betsy Cunningham and Gene Eller. Photos are on the website's home page.

Biennial Conference: Update

July 17, 2017
Ed Eller, John Eller and Fred Bame recently searched for the John Jacob Eller property in Salisbury, NC in preparation for the July EFA Conference. That will be one of our places to visit on our Friday tour. We will also visit the Union Lutheran Church which was organized in 1774. The Pine Church was built before 1771 was also located in this area. On Thursday there will be geanological presentations.

Duplicate Entries

July 16, 2017
We can now make note duplicate individuals. Because we keep submitted GEDCOM files as separate "trees" on the site, there are overlaps. For example, Caspar/Kaspar Eller is shown in at least three trees. We can now place a link on each entry providing the user a way to see information on the person in the other files. This function is one your webmaster has long sought and finally found a PHP writer who could help install that feature. We have to add the links manually, so be patient as we work our way through the duplicates.

Welcome New Members

July 7, 2017
We welcome new members Julie Bray and Paul Zarr to the Eller Family Association. Read more about them and their trip to North Georgia to find their "roots" here.

Searchable Chronicles

June 27, 2017
With help from EFA member Dan Liggett, we now have ALL the back issues of "The Chronicles" available on the website (Yes, all the way back to Number One, Volume One). Some of those back issues were originally saved as web pages. But most were saved as PDF files. The PDF files are more easily searched and we are converting those stored as web pages to PDF's. But as of now, all the back issues can be search by date or keyword.

Biennial Conference: Salisbury, NC

April 2017
The 2017 Biennial Conference will be held in Salisbury, North Carolina, from July 26th thru the 30. Registration information is available here. Make your hotel reservations directly with the Courtyard Marriott. The conference location puts us in the area where we know several early Eller families settled not long after they arrived from Germany. And the area is still home to many Eller families.

New "Members Only" Section

August 31, 2016
One of our goals for the new website was to have a "members only" section. This is designed to allow anyone with a login and password (our members) to access the most recent editions of The Chronicles, the current membership list and other members-only features. To access this section, you must be a current EFA Member and must have requested and been approved for a login and password. If you do not yet have your login/passsword, use this link to request one. If you have already logged-in, you may click here to access the Members only page.

New Eller History Book

September 2015
A new Eller History Book is available. "Eller History & Genealogy" is 776 pages with more than 350 photos and documents. For more on the book and how to order, click here.