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2021 Eller Conference

We had a great Eller Family Association conference at the Hinton Center in Hayesville, NC, Thanks to Steve Eller organizing the events.

Additional pictures and conference details are available in the August 2021 Chronicles.

Highlights included a presentation on Ellers in Towns County, Georgia, from Jerry Taylor on Thursday, a visit to "Sukey" Eller's grave, our Saturday night banquet and the election of Steve as the new EFA president and Lauren Liggett as our new Secretary-Treasurer.

efa group

Plans for 2021 EFA Conference

The Association has booked the “Hinton Rural Life Center” in Hayesville, North Carolina, for the 2021 Biennial Conference scheduled for July 15-18, 2021. The Hinton Center is operated by the United Methodist Church and is located on Lake Chatuge in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina.

hinton center

Details of the conference are being planned now. Booking of rooms will start in January.

[ Hinton Center for Rural Life ]

The Great Philadelphia Wagon Road

wagon on the road

The Great Philadelphia Wagon Road and the associated Wilderness Road were the most important frontier roads in western North Carolina during the eighteenth century. Here's where our Eller ancestors traveled to Rowan County, North Carolina.

Read the Story

New Eller Book: "My Eller Cousins"

Loveta Miller Schweers has produced a new book on the George Michael Eller line. ms schweersShe says it focuses primarily on his Ashe County, NC descendants through his son Peter Lenn Eller. She also includes the results of her research on Henry Eller of Frederick County, MD.

Ms. Schweers has donated a copy of her research to the Eller Family Association and given us permission to place the entire book on our website. It is here in our books section.

She has offered to make a limited number of CD's with the information from the book on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost will be $30 postpaid. A personal check can be sent to Loveta Schweers, 425 Pinehurst Avenue, Salisbury, MD 21801.


19th Century Eller Immigrants

Much of the information here stems from Eller immigrants who arrived in Colonial America in the mid-1700’s.  Most of them were Protestant and came through the Mr. EllerPort of Philadelphia.  There was another wave of Eller immigrants who arrived in the mid-1800’s through the Port of New York.  They were mostly Catholic.

One was Emanuel Eller (photo-left) from Baden-Baden, Germany. He settled in Dearborn County, Indiana, where he ran a saloon. He also served in the Union Army during the Civil War.  

Another was Wilhelm Eller from Prussia who, with his wife and six children, settled in Dane County, Wisconsin. 

We’ve added them and some of their descendants to our database and there are narratives in our “research” section.

Emanuel Eller in the EFA Database | Emanuel Eller Research ]
Wilhelm Eller in the EFA Database | Wilhelm Eller Research ]

Do You Know These People?

unidentified family

We believe the people in the photo above may be an Eller family. This portrait was shown around the EFA Conference and no one was able to identify them for certain.

Donna Mackay of Saint George, Utah, says she believes the photo is of the Abraham Lincoln and Rebecca (Crane) Eller family who lived in Cascade Montana in the early 1900’s. In total they had 14 children and homesteaded near Great Falls, Montana. Abraham was Ms. Mackay's fraternal grandfather. Her father, Donald D Eller, was their third youngest. She says there is an Eller family cemetery in Casner, Montana.ontana.

North Georgia Gathering


Ellers in the North Georgia area met October 19th in Nacoochee, GA They exchanged family information and shared dinner, door prizes and entertainment.

There were folks there that helpedp family members find their Eller family line back to John Jacob Eller.

2019 Conference - Wilkesboro, NC

Our 30+ year tradition continued in July with our bienial Eller Family Association conference in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Some 50 people attended all or part of the conference which featured presentations on a wide range of topics, tours and socializing. Special thanks to our hostess, Christine Eller Walker. More photos and conference highlights in the upcoming "Chronicles" and here on the EFA website. 

eller group

Wilkesboro was selected for the conference because of the large number of Eller families there.

It is believed that Peter Eller (1748-1799), son of George Michael Eller (1722-1778), the immigrant, setteled in Wilkes County. Peter is believed to be the only child by George Michael's first (unknown) wife.

There are also descendants of Conrad Eller (1784-before 1850), son of Melchior Eller (1735-1799), the immigrant, in an area along Germantown Road in Wilkes County. We are working now to doccument that line.

Our next conference wil be in 2021 in Georgia. Look for more details as we get closer to the date.

[More Wilkesboro History | The Ellers of Wilkes County | Peter Eller in Database ]





New Mary "Polly" Eller Information

Mary “Polly” Eller was born about 1833 in Wayne County, KY. She was the daughter of John Wesley Eller Sr. (1810-1880) and Cynthia Goodrick Eller (1810-1843). She is the great-granddaughter of the immigrant Christian “Crissy” Eller/Ohler (1724-1804) who was born in Germany and who emigrated to the American Colonies in 1747.

We can find no record of a marriage for Mary “Polly” Eller and all her children carry her maiden name. One researcher suggests a Daniel Zimmerman may be the father of some of the children but we can find no primary evidence. And it is not clear if all three sons share the same father. Mary “Polly” Eller has three sons (James M. Eller, Daniel Green Eller and William Eller) all born in Kentucky.

We believe this 300-person addition is the first in-depth look at this part of the Christian Eller line.

Marty “Polly” Eller Research Mary “Polly” Eller in the EFA database ]

Eller's Company To Test COVID-19 Drug

Mr. Eller Celltex, a biotechnology company, has received approval from FDA to proceed with a clinical trial using Stem Cells (MSCs) as a preventative against COVID-19.

"We didn't just come up on this all of a sudden. We've been doing something like this for (up to) nine years, in other areas, such as pneumonia and lung disease," explains David Eller, CEO of Celltex.

Eller is a board member of the Eller Family Association and a descendant in the George Michael Eller line.

[ Full Story | David Eller in the EFA Database | David Eller Bio ]

New Henry Eller Information

Henry Eller (1822-1891) was the great grandson of immigrant George Michael Eller (George Michael – Leonard – Joseph – Henry). 

He is shown in James Hook’s 1957 book “George Michael Eller and Descendants of his in America” along with his wife and eight children (p.59).  Hook’s work goes no further other than to mention that “He [Henry] is said to have removed to Indian territory.”

A Facebook inquiry to the EFA by Barbara Spradlin regarding Henry’s daughter Hannah Ann Eller (sometimes called Polly) spurred us to look deeper. The “Henry-line” didn’t go any further in our online George Michael database.


So, with the help of Mary Boodt’s article “The Eller Farmer Story”  in the February 1996 issue of the Chronicles and with Ancestry.com information from Jo Ann Wagner, Jeremy Martin and others, we’ve added more than a hundred new, well-documented names to our website.

[ Henry Eller in the EFA Database | Henry Eller Narrative | Mary Boodt's Article ]

Eller Cemetery Workday

A half-dozen intrepid workers braved a chilly morning in North Georgia on November 9th to clear the underbrush and small trees on the “Old Smyrna Cemetery” in Hiawasse, Georgia.  The resting place for eleven people, the cemetery was neglected and, in the words of Steve Eller, in “pretty bad shape.”

Organized by Steve and accompanied by Korey Eller, Glen Dover, Larry Dover, Jimmy Berrong and Gerald Foster, the crew started with the lower section and the entrance road.  They plan to return November 23rd at 9AM to work on the upper section.


Hardy Washington "Hard" Eller, Steve’s Great-grandfather, was buried at this cemetery in 1908. He also has an infant grandson, Homer Welborn, and a nephew, Jacob Eller, buried close to him. 

Hardy Washington's memorial is readable but, it is broken in two places and has been placed in an aluminum pan that was formed in the shape of the memorial. There are 11 people that have been identified as having been laid to rest at this cemetery. Only about 8 of the memorials are readable.

A James B Goddard was buried at Old Smryna in 1887. His stone indicates that he left this world by being murdered. Tilman C Justice/Justis took Goddard’s life because he thought Goddard had been telling the government about his corn whiskey operation. A shotgun was used and Goddard was beat with the stock of the shotgun after being shot in the face. Justice was caught, convicted and hung on the square in Hiawassee.

[ More Photos | Hardy Washington Eller in Our Database | Old Smyrna Cemetery in Our Database ]

Jacob Eller Booklet

Henry Cline Eller

We’ve recently received a 24-page booklet on the Jacob Eller family of Roanoke County.

This booklet was prepared in 1953 by Henry Cline Eller (1900-2000)(pictured left), a Baptist Brethren minister and descendant of that Eller line.

The booklet is in the library of the History Museum of Western Virginia. Their Curator of Collections, Ashley Webb, made a copy for the EFA.  The booklet is now posted in the “Books” section of the EFA website. 

[ “The Jacob Eller Family Tree” | Henry Cline Eller | Jacob Eller ]

Wilkes County "Bushwhackers"

graphic“Bushwhackers” was a term used to describe guerilla soldiers, often just thieves, who prayed on families in rural areas of “divided” states in the Civil War.  The mountain-areas of North Carolina, including Wilkes County, saw several such bands who terrorized the families of Confederate soldiers.

One such band of “bushwhackers,” Union deserters, set up in a log home on the Yadkin River in what was called Fort Hamby.  From that location in 1864 and 1865, they conducted raids on homes in and around Wilkes County.  One such home was that of James Eller.

James Eller’s grandson, Paul Hubbell, was able to pull together family stories to tell of what his mother called “"some very exciting and trying experiences that were forced upon my parents, kindred and friends, in Wilkes County and not far distant from where these gangs operated."

“The Bushwhackers of Wilkes County” shines a light on a often-forgotten aspect of a war that terrorized families and neighbors.

James McCarty Eller

James McCarty Eller (center with hat and walking stick) moved from Buncombe County, NC to Round Rock, TX. He was a pioneer in early Texas while indians were a problem.

eller family

On one wagon trip back to Missouri, he was attacked by indians. He killed one and managed to escape without injury or loss of the wagon load of supplies he was hauling back to Texas.

[ James McCarty Eller in EFA Database | Article on James MC Eller ]

Cemetery Images

tombstoneIn a continued effort to update our website with data to help our genelogical research, we have started to add cemetery information and photos. As you know, the birth/death information of grave stones can be of immense help in documenting our ancestors.

We've entered 567 grave stones in more than 25 counties. We know we've just gotten started and so, we seek your help.

If you'd like to add a cemetery, click here for what we need and how to submit the information. We'll do the data entry. Just email it to the webmaster.

[ What to Provide | Eller Cemeteries & Headstones ]




Ashe County Outlaws: The 'Eller Gang'

Mr EllerIn the wake of the Civil War, Linville Eller and three of his brothers organized a gang that struck stores and farmhouses in Ashe County, NC. The gang initially avoided capture but eventually Linville and Henry were killed and the others sent to jail.

Unlike Jesse James, the name Linville Eller has faded from the memories of most of Ashe County. Linville, along with his brother Henry, are buried in unmarked graves in the Barker-Eller-McNeil Cemetery on Parker Eller Road in Lansing.

"Ashe Outlaws: The Rise and Fall of the Eller Gang"

Can you Help Identify?

eller family?

We believe this might be the family of Rev. Joseph P. Eller (Adam, Jacob Jr., Jacob Sr.) of Weaverville. Joseph P. is believed to be the eldest male in the photograph. Please contact the webmaster if you can confirm.

[ Larger photo | Joseph Eller in the Database ]

Updating Jacob Eller Book

cover of the bookThe Eller Family Association is working to update the book “John Jacob Eller and His Descendants” that was published in 1998 and authored by J. Gerald Eller, Edward K. Eller and Janie Eller Porter. 

Steve Eller (ellerpop1@yahoo.com) is spearheading the effort. Steve’s been working on the project for about three months. He’s looking for help. 

A photocopy of the existing book is available online (See link below).

You’re invited to review what’s there, offer corrections and – most important – provide updates.  

[ "John Jacob Eller & His Descendants" Copy | Other Eller Books Available online ]

"Bud" Eller Visits WWII Memorial

Mr EllerNesbert "Bud" Eller was in the Army during World War II. He served 14 months on the Pacific Island of Leyte.

In September 2009, he and other veterans of that conflict were flown to Washington to visit the World War Two Memorial.

His son, Stephen Eller, presented this memoir of his father's service and his visit to the memorial.

"Bud" Eller Article | "Bud" Eller in EFA Database ]

Ellers in the Civil War

soldiersHundreds of Eller men took part in the American Civil War. There were Ellers on both sides of the conflict. The Eller Family Association is proud to present here information on more than 130 "Ellers Who Served in the Civil War," a collection of stories researched by Byron H. Eller.

Dr. Eller has done extensive research and his articles are well documented and offer much to the annals of Eller family history and will serve future generations of Eller historians in their studies.

[ "Ellers Who Served in the Civil War"]

Clarification of Conrad Eller

Ms ReynoldsThere are two Conrad Ellers born in Rowan County, NC. The elder Conrad is the one who came to Wilkes County and died there before 1850.

The President of the Wilkes County Genealogical Society, Wilma Jean Church Reynolds, presented her finding on the two Conrad Ellers to our 2019 Conference in Wilkesboro in July.

The Ellers in the Germantown Road area of Wilkes County appear to be separate from other Ellers in Wilkes Co. NC, and are thought to be children of Conrad and his first 2 wives. It is noted that Conrad was related to many of the other Ellers settled in Ashe and Wilkes Co. NC.

[ Ms. Reynolds Presentation ]

Dutch Pine Meeting House

pine churchWe believe some of the early Eller ancestors were Lutheran and worshiped at the “Dutch Pine Meeting House” about five miles east of Salisbury in Rowan County, North Carolina. That church existed in 1771 and may have been there much earlier.

The successor church is Union Evangelical Lutheran Church, located on Bringle Ferry Road. There is a large marker in the Church cemetery that says ” Pine Church. Built prior to 1771 and located in this area. Services held here led to organization of the N.C. Synod in 1803.“

[ "Dutch Pine Meeting House" Article | Hisatory of Union Evangelical Lutheran Church ]

Journey to the Absalom Eller Family Cemetery

graphicDuring the 2019 Eller Family Conference in Wilkesboro, Dan Liggett (left) and Harvey Powers (Right)decided to try and find the Absalom Eller family cemetery.

The most recent recording, over 25 years old, had it located off Parsonville Road. It wasn't possible to get to it that way.

So, Dan and Harvey hiked through the woods off Boone Trail Road, where they met the property owner who graciously took them to the cemetery.

The full story of the search and photos of the 11 stones that were found are linked below.


[ Journey to the Absalom Eller Family Cemetery ]
[ Absalom Eller in the Database | Pictures ]

James Madison & Nancy Eller

The place hosting the 2019 Eller Family Association meeting is Wilkesboro, North Carolina. We believe George Michael Eller's son, Peter B. Eller died there before 1799.

Mr & Mrs Eller
The February 1993 issue of the "Chronicles" contains an article "The Ellers of Wilkes County" by Nora Robinette Eller. It details a few of the Eller families starting with James Madison Eller and his wife Nancy Louise Vannoy (above). James Madison Eller was from the immigrant George Michael Eller's line.

[ The Ellers of Wilkes County | James Madison Eller in the EFA Database | George Michael Eller Book ]

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