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We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.


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 #   Tree Name   Description   Individuals   Families   Sources 
1 Christian Eller The descendants of immigrant Christian Eller along with related families. Provided by Harvey Powers 18,683 6,671 292 
2 Erie Ellers The line from Jakob Eller of Gau-Odernheim, Grand-Duchy of Hessen. (b.22 June 1797; d. in Erie, Pennsylvania 19 April 1864). He and his wife, Julianne Becker Eller immigrated to the US in the early 1850s. DNA Testing show a connection of this line to John Jacob Eller. (#7) 206 44 0 
3 George Michael Eller The descendants of immigrant George Michael Eller (b. unk - d. 1778). Information collected by Julia Eller 11,685 4,169 89 
4 Henry Eller (3) Updated information on the line that went to Missouri  61 24 1 
5 Henry Eller, Sr.  The descendants of immigrant Henry Eller, Sr. provided by Kerry Peterson 53 25 0 
6 Henry Eller, Sr. (2) The descendants of Immigrant Henry Eller, Sr. provided by Alfred Dennis Eller 2,826 993 55 
7 J.W. Eller's 1918 Booklet Some of the Christian Eller Line 471 136 5 
8 Jacob Eller The descendants of immigrant Jacob Eller (b-unk; d-1782). Information provided by Dan Liggett 15,175 5,098 4 
9 Jacob Eller (Roanoke/Botetourt Branch) This is the Eller tree that traces back to Jacob Eller of the Roanoke area, It was originally thought he was a son of George Michael Eller, but that appears to be incorrect.  7,377 2,287 22 
10 Jacob Eller 3  Genealogy of Jacob Eller (1776-1855) son of Peter Lenn Eller. Information provided by Rusty Dicken 4/26/18.  2,491 752 330 
11 John Melker Eller, Sr.  The descendants of immigrant John Melker Eller, Sr.(b. 1735-36) Information from Peggy Agner Troutman & Louise Berringer File. 68 26 0 
12 Mary Jane Eller Information on the line from Mary Jane Eller. This line appears to have a number of African-American Ellers who settle in and around Wilkes County, NC. It may tie into the George Michael Eller line.  71 24 0 
13 Matthes Eller The generations from Matthes Eller (b. 1585) thru Paul Kaspar Eller (b. 1691). Research by Ben Eller 17 6 1 
14 Uncertain Individuals and groups that don't tie into any of the major branches. 0 0 0