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We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.



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'Descendants of George Michael Eller' (1722-1778)
"Descendants of George Michael Eller" (1722-1778)
An 529-page update on the James W. Hook book by Roger Foster and Julia Sanders Eller in 2007.  
'George Michael Eller and descendants of his in America'
"George Michael Eller and descendants of his in America"
This is the entire 1957 book by James William Hook and published in New Haven, Conn. Provided by the University of Wisconsin & digitized by Google.  
'George Michael Eller and descendants of his in America'
"George Michael Eller and descendants of his in America"
The 1957 Book by James William Hook published in 1957 in New Haven, Conn. From the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Digitized by "Internet Archive." 
'Gottlib Mittelberger's Journey to Pennsylvania'
"Gottlib Mittelberger's Journey to Pennsylvania"
Gottlieb Mittelberger traveled to Pennsylvania from Germany in 1750 on a ship primarily filled with poorer immigrants who would become indentured servants upon arriving in Philadelphia. (English Translation) 
'Graybill/Stoker/Eller/Smith/Koons/Pitt Connections'
"Graybill/Stoker/Eller/Smith/Koons/Pitt Connections"
American Publishing Company
(Available online thru familysearch.org (free registration required)
Eller section starts at page 119 
'History of the Eller Family'
"History of the Eller Family"
This 1918 Booklet by J. W. Eller concentrates on the Christian Eller line. We are indebted to Marjorie Baker McCormick for sharing this copy with some updates. Originally Published in the August 1993 Chronicles.  
'James Hook & Virginia Eller'
"James Hook & Virginia Eller"
The book by James William Hook published in 1925 in New Haven, Conn. Digitized by Google from the University of Wisconsin.  
'John Jacob Eller and His Descendants'
"John Jacob Eller and His Descendants"
The 1998 publication of the Eller Family Association compiled by J. Gerald Eller, Edward K. Eller and Janie Eller Porter.  
'Notable Men of Tennessee'
"Notable Men of Tennessee"
Their Times and Their Contemporaries; By Oliver P. Temple; Compiled and Arranged by His Daughter - Mary B. Temple -- 1912 
Eller, Vernard (1927-2007)
Eller, Vernard (1927-2007)
An index of books written by Dr. Eller, a professor of religion. Dr. Eller was a member of the Church of the Brethren.