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We seek to draw all Ellers and allied families into a cooperative effort.

Updating Eller Book

cover of the bookThe Eller Family Association is working to update the book “John Jacob Eller and His Descendants” that was published in 1998 and authored by J. Gerald Eller, Edward K. Eller and Janie Eller Porter. 

Steve Eller (ellerpop1@yahoo.com) is spearheading the effort. Steve’s been working on the project for about three months. He’s looking for help. 

A photocopy of the existing book is available online (See link below).

You’re invited to review what’s there, offer corrections and – most important – provide updates.  

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New Jacob Eller Booklet

Henry Cline EllerWe’ve recently received a 24-page booklet on the Jacob Eller family of Roanoke County.

This booklet was prepared in 1953 by Henry Cline Eller (1900-2000) (pictured right), a Baptist Brethren minister and descendant of that Eller line.

The booklet is in the library of the History Museum of Western Virginia. Their Curator of Collections, Ashley Webb, made a copy for the EFA.  The booklet is now posted in the “Books” section of the EFA website. 

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The purpose of the Eller Family Association is to draw all Ellers, regardless of their particular family line, and allied families into a cooperative effort. The EFA has already demonstrated that this approach is the quickest and most efficient mechanism for sharing family history and genealogical information.

About the Eller Family Association

The EFA exists to assist all Eller and associated family lines worldwide to: discover and preserve our historical past, report current events and ongoing contributions, develop and expand current family ties, provide ongoing biennial meetings to summarize accomplishments and to socialize and provide inspired direction as we focus on the future.

For more information on the Eller Family Association, its officers, publications, DNA project, membership, news and conferences, click on the "EFA Info" tab in the horizontal menu above.

The Eller Family Association now has more than 50,000 names in our searchable, online database. There are some duplications, but most of those listed are there only once. In addition, there are now more than 650 photos linked to individuals. More than 650 headstones. There are some 140 research documents ranging from books with hundreds of pages to smaller one or two page biographies. These have been added to more than 18 years of our quarterly publication, “The Chronicles.” Those publications are all searchable.

All of this information is available without charge to the hundreds of Eller genealogists who visit our site regularly. But we need your help. While those of us working with the EFA are volunteers, there are costs that we must cover. Please consider joining our organization.

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New Online Information

Thanks to our EFA members, the webmaster is constantly adding new information (or links to new information) to this website. Over the coming months we are going to feature some of those new items here.

  • "Descendants of Catherine Eller and Michael Stoker" (New Online Book)
    We have combined the nine parts of the research by Robert Rorah that was published in the Chronicles from August 2000 until 2003 into a 213 page book

  • "Michael Graybill Sr. and Mary "Polly" Stoker"
    The story of their trek west to Ohio and then further west as Mormon settlers.

  • Links to Other Databases
    So many of us have researched and posted information on Ancestry, My Heritage and similar websites, it seemed like a good idea to link people in our database to those people on these for-profit sites. If you have a public family-tree on one of these sites, and are willing for the EFA to link to it, provide the webmaster with the URL.

  • Ellers in the Early U.S. Census
    Researcher Erin Bradford has prepared a list with all the appearances of the name "Eller" in the federal census of 1790, 1800, 1810 and 1820.

  • Additional Headstones
    We've recently added more than a hundred headstone images to our searchable headstone database. We now have more than 650 images. Each includes a link to the individuals in the EFA database and cemetery information.

In 2019 there were more than 49,000 visits to the EFA website. And those visitors looked at 5,677,927 pages. We are on pace for 2020 to do almost double that. In just the first 3 months of 2020, we've had more visits that all of last year. Thanks to all the EFA members who've shared their research and made this huge trove of information available.

News, Historical Profiles, Research Papers, Tributes and Articles From the Eller Family Association

Ellers In The Civil War

Hundreds of Eller men took part in the American Civil War. There were Ellers on both sides of the conflict. The Eller Family Association is proud to present here information on more than 130 "Ellers Who Served in the Civil War," a collection of stories researched by Byron H. Eller.

civil war image

Dr. Eller has done extensive research and his articles are well documented and offer much to the annals of Eller family history and will serve future generations of Eller historians in their studies.

[Ellers In The Civil War]

Eller Cemetery Workday Postponed

The planned “Old Smyrna Cemetery” workday scheduled for February and March had to be postponed. The unusually wet weather in North Georgia made the already difficult access almost impossible. A new workday will be scheduled soon (we'll let you know) to clean up the top section of the cemetery. cemetery

We will need chain saws and weed eater with metal blades. The access road also needs a little work, shovels and gravel/rocks would also be appreciated. Four wheel drive vehicles will be needed to get into the area.

We have set up a fund to repair/replace damaged memorials there. Hardy Washington Eller's headstone is broken in two places and has fallen over. Some stones are broken. Other unreadable or missing. Hardy Washington Eller had twelve children. His descendants are all over North Georgia, Western North Carolina and even points west.

Click here to donate. Or mail a contribution to: Steve Eller, PO Box 52, Marble, NC 28905.

The first workday, November 9th, a half-dozen intrepid workers braved a chilly morning to start to clear the underbrush and small trees there.  The resting place for eleven people, the cemetery was neglected and, in the words of Steve Eller, in “pretty bad shape.”

Organized by Steve (pictured right) and accompanied by Korey Eller, Glen Dover, Larry Dover, Jimmy Berrong and Gerald Foster, the crew started with the lower section and the entrance road.

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VGS Spring Conference Cancelled

VGS LogoThe Virginia Genealogical Society has cancelled its Spring Conference scheduled for April 17th and 18th at the Library of Virginia in Richmond.

Because of the Covid-19 virus, the Library of Virginia is closed. The VGS tried to organize a "virtual" meeting but finally decided to cancel the event. There will be a fall meeting. We'll try to let you know details when they are avalable.

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